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polish notation is also known as prefix notation ,prefix notation is form of notation for logic ,arithmetic or algebra ,it distinguishing feature is that of it place operator to the left of their operands

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Q: How can you explain Polish notation in simple words?
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Reverse polish notation is a notation where expressions are evaluated from left to right. It is called reverse polish notation because it is the reverse of polish notation, which was invented in 1920 by the Polish mathematician Jan Łukasiewicz. Operands are stated first, followed by operators. (In polish notation, operators are first.)There are no parenthesis, and there is no operator precedence. The only limitation is that operator arity, such as unary, binary, ternary, etc. must be defined distinctly, i.e. the unary minus is not the same as binary minus, and must be recognized as such.Typical implementation...When an operand is encountered, it is pushed on the stack. When an operator is encountered it acts on the top one or two elements of the stack and replaces them.Some examples...a + b * c is expressed as ab*+(a + b) * c is expressed as ab+c*a + b * c + d is expressed as abc*d++a * b + c * d is expressed as ab*cd*+a * - b is expressed as ab-* where - is unary, not binary

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