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16" x 16" = (4/3 ft) x (4/3 ft) = 16/9 square foot

Multiply the cost of one tile by (9/16) = 0.5625to get the cost per square foot.

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Q: How can you figure out the cost per square foot of a 16 x 16 tile?
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What is the cost per square foot for tile installed?

total cost ÷ square footage

Cost of tile?

The cost of tile depends on several factors, such as the quality of the tile and the amount that is purchased in a single transaction. Stone tile costs more than vinyl or ceramic tile, often many times more per square foot. Typical cost of tile per square foot can run from about 50 cents a square foot to $7 or more.

What is the Cost for laying porcelain tile?

if you have a tile guy do it, he'll charge at least a couple of dollars a square foot. . .add this to the cost of the tile

What is tile installation cost in Hawaii?

About $ 11.30 per square foot.

What is the cost of Tile installation per square foot arount Northwest Arkansas?

Cost for tile installation in the southeast is usually around $3 per square foot anything better than that is a deal. I install tile in the Opelika, AL area.

What to charge floor tile square foot?

about $2.20 per square ft. + materials cost + $50. for fuel cost loading, and delivery

What is the average cost of installing porcelain tile in New Jersey?

$4.25 per square foot.

Cost of labor ceramic tile in nj?

Tile is an Italian ceramic is about $5.29 a square foot. Tile, grout, tax is around $3000.00, from local store in NJ.

How much does ceramic tile cost?

Flooring tile cost ranges from $.65 to $3 a square foot with most ranging around $2. Wall tile start around $.50 and top out around $3

What does 12x24 tile equal in square feet?

If the tile is in inches, you would convert to feet. A one foot by two foot tile covers 2 square feet.

How much do 10 tiles cost?

All tile are priced differently so you will need to know the cost per square foot.

How many 12x12 tile to cover 400sq ft?

So each tile is 12" by 12" square, right? So each tile is ONE square foot? (a perfect square that's a foot long and a foot wide). Each tile is one square foot and you need to know how many add up to 400 square feet. I think the answer is the square root of Pi.

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