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You would get the quotient first and count the digits.

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Q: How can you figure out the number of digits a quotient has without completing a division problem?
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Why is one eighth 0.125?

All fractions ever meant was simply division. 1/8 = 1 divided by 8. Perform this division by hand, without using remainders, and you'll see that the quotient of 1 and 8 is 0.125.

Will the first digit of the quotient of 2589 divided by 4 be in the hundreds or thousands place explain how you can decide without finding the quotient?


What does the quotient mean when you divide 22.4 by 0.5?

It is the amount of times 0.5 goes into 22.4, without the remainder. So the quotient is 44.

What is the product of 235 and 25 added to the quotient of 1625 and 65?

(235 × 25) + (1625 ÷ 65) = 5,900Product is multiplication. Quotient is division.Note: 235 × 25 + 1625 ÷ 65 = 5,900 is the same result but without the brackets. This is because the multiplication and division have the same order of precedence and would both be calculated first before the addition.

Can you tell without dividing a number how many digits are in the quotient?

No, because a quotient requires two numbers. Given the two numbers it is quite easy to work out the number of digits in the quotient.

Without dividing how can you if the quotient for 4637 divide 7 is greater than 600! Explain whether the quotient is less than 700.?


What is a binucleation?

A binucleation is a division of a nucleus without division of the cell's cytoplasm.

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Why do you always subtract in division?

Without going into the intricacies of long division........ Division is successive subtraction as opposed to multiplication which is successive addition. Let's say you want to divide 19 by 3, in successive subtraction you would first see if you can take away 3 from 19. The answer is yes. So you take away 3 and create a variable called quotient (which initially has a value of 0). Since you were able to successfully take away 3 from 19 during this first attempt, increment the quotient by 1. Since you took away 3 from 19 and accounted for it in the quotient (which is the number of times you are able to successfully take away 3 - the divisor) see what is left in the original number. 19 is now 16. Can you take away 3 from 16. The answer is yes. Increment the quotient - now it should be 2 and 16 will become 13. Keep doing this. You will see that you can do this six times in all (the quotient will have incremented to 6) and then you will be left with 1 from which you cannot take away 3. If you are limited to just integer division the process ends here. Of course if one knows multiplication tables, then this problem can be solved in one step. One would know that 3 can be taken away from 19 six times with a remainder of 1 at the end. So to illustrate this further, if we started with 19 pencils and the teacher wanted us to make bundles of 3 pencils, division or successive subtraction tells us that we can make six bundles with 1 pencil left over.

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How can you tell without dividing that 4796 will have a 2 digit quotient?

You can't tell anything about the quotient until you know whatthe divisor is going to be.-- If I divide your 4,796 by 4, the quotient is 1,199 . . . 4 digits.-- And if I divide it by 2,398, the quotient is 2 . . . . only 1 digit.

How will teach a child to divide 78215 by 3450 without a calculator?

They have to know basic division a before he/she can do the problem you ask about. They also need to know the how to multiply. You sit down with the child and write the problem out and demonstrate how to divide the problem. You do several and then write one and have the child do it with you sitting there providing help.

What is the sum of 9 and the quotient of x and 7?

Find out what X is first. You can't answer that without an equation.

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How do you convert a fraction to a decimal without using long division?

The only other way is to have a machine do the long division for you.

Estimate the quotient for 735 divided by 3 what number is in the hundreds place in the quotient?


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