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A parallelogram cannot be generalised to a convex shape with an odd number of sides.

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Q: How can you find a generalization for a triangle a parallelogram and a convex shape?
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Is a parallelogram a square and a rhombus a convex shape?

A parallelogram need not be a square, it need not be a rhombus but it is a convex shape.

What shape does a triangle and parallelogram make?

2 squares

Why the area of a triangle is half that of a parallelogram?

If you put two of ANY triangle hypotenuse to hypotenuse the shape will have 4 sides (thus a parallelogram or quadrilateral).

If you take a right triangle and move it to the right of a parallelogram what shape do it create?

If you take a right triangle and move it to the right of a parallelogram, it creates a trapezium.

How is a triangle and a circle similar?

A closed, convex, plane (2-dimensional) shape.

How does a parallelogram triangle look?

it just doesnt exist. parallelogram is a closed shape vth opposite sides parallel adjacent angle not 90 degree. triangle is closed shape vth 3 sides.

How do you find if a polygon is a rigid plane-shape?

The only convex polygon that is rigid is a triangle.

The area is 120 cm squared what is the base?

It depends on the shape - triangle, parallelogram etc.

How do you make a trapezoid tangram without using a square shape?

by 1 parallelogram and a triangle

Is a triangle a convex shape?

Yes, it is! I had this question last night on an assignment for school, and "googled" it because I didn't really know, but yes, it is convex.

What is a convex shape?

A convex shape is a shape that is pushing out like a house -> /\ <- |_|

Base height equals 50 cm area equals 800 sq2?

... and the shape is? A triangle? A parallelogram?

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