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You would call your local water company to find out the amount. Cost is usually based on the amount of water you use each month.

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Q: How can you find out the cost of monthly water bills?
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Lowering a monthly water bill takes some conscious effort. Every year, Americans pay high water bills and wonder how the bills become so high. One of the leading contributors to any high water bill is the dish washer appliance. Experts estimate that a dish washer can account for $80 to $100 of the expenses one pays on a water bill every year. The main reason that a dish washer increases a water bill so dramatically is due to its use of hot water. With some conscious effort, however, you can take some active steps toward lowering your water bill. Many people have mixed feelings about the usefulness of giving dishes a "pre-rinse" before putting them into the dish washer. Some salespeople of dish washers actually recommend that you do not wash dishes before putting them into the dish washer. Having food particles on the dishes actually makes it easier for a dish washer to scrub the dishes clean. Food particles work to add some friction between soapy water and plates in the dish washer. Adding some vinegar to the rinsing container of a dish washer is another way to keep your dish washer running well. Vinegar helps to keep the system of a dish washer unclogged. As a result, the dish washer will not have to work extra hard to create hot water. Less energy will be used by a dish washer in the long run if vinegar is used to clean the system every now and then. If you are truly truly concerned about lowering your monthly water bill, then be conscious of the type of dish washer you buy. Be sure to read consumer reports on the different types of dish washers out there. Reading these reports can help you learn which dish washers use the least amount of energy and will help to reduce your monthly water bills. Also, you may want to ask friends and family what their monthly water bill is. A lot of people are willing to share tips and tricks they have to lower their monthly water bills. One other option you may have for saving money on a dish washer is to find out about state tax credits. Some states are offering tax credits to people who buy energy-efficient appliances for their home. Find out if there is an energy-efficient dish washer you can buy for your home. You will be able to claim a tax credit and save on monthly water bills.

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