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(436) / 5.75 = 75.826 km per hour

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The answer to the question that was asked was that you divided the distance travelled (436 km) by the time taken (5.75 hours).

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Q: How can you find the speed of the train which has traveled 436 km in 5hrs 45 min?
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If you know your speed and the time traveled you can find the what?

you can find the distance when you know your speed and the time you traveled

What measurements are necessary to find the average speed of a moving train?

Distance and time are the measurements necessary to find the average speed of a moving train.

How do you find wave speed?

You can find wave speed by dividing the distance traveled by the wave by the time taken by the wave to cover that distance.

How to find distance traveled by a vehicle?

Speed = Distance / Time So Distance = Speed x Time

How do you find the average speed of some thing?

Average speed is distance traveled divided by time taken.

How do you find distance traveled?

You multiply the speed at which you are traveling by the time spent traveling.

Which information can be used to help find the speed of the ball?

Distance traveled divided by how much time determines speed. Speed=distance/time

If you know a car traveled 300 kilometers in 3 hours you can find its?

Average Speed

The speed of a freight train is 14 km hr slower than the speed of a passenger train The freight train travels 330 km in the same time that it takes the passenger train to travel 400 km Find the speed?

66 & 80 kph respectively

How do you find the speed of distance traveled over time taken?

S= Speed D= Distance T= Time T/D= S

An object traveled 100m in 2 hours What is the object's speed?

To find the speed, take the distance and divide it by the time. 100m/2h = 50m/hr

Average speed is found by?

Average speed is not a vector quantity. It has no direction.The simplest way to find average speed is to divide the total distance traveled by the total time taken.

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