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Adding a negative number is just the same as subtracting a positive number.

So 3 plus (-4) is the same as 3 minus 4.

The answer to 3 - 4 is the inverse of the answer to 4 - 3

So if 4-3=1 then 3-4=-1

Other useful rules:

Taking away a minus number is the same as adding a plus number.

Subtracting a plus number, or adding a minus number, is the same as taking away a positive number.

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Is a negative number is an integer?

Yes, an integer can be positive, negative, or zero. An integer is simply a number without decimals.

Is it true that the sum of a negative integer and a positive integer is always positive?

It depends, if a number with positive integers is greater than the number with the negative integer therefore the sum will be in positive integer. And if the number with positive integer is less than the number with the number with negative integer then the sum will be in negative integer.

When is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer negative?

When the absolute value of the negative number is higher than the positive number.

What is the additive inverse of a negative integer?

The corresponding positive number - basically the same number, but without the minus sign.

Is a negative integer times a negative integer equal to a positive integer?

Yes, and also a negative integer divided by a negative integer is equal to a positive number (but not necessarily an integer).

Can a negative number be an integer?

A negative number can be an integer. An integer is any positive or negative whole number including zero.

An integer is negative positive or?

An integer is any negative or positive whole number, or zero.

What sign do you get when you divide a positive integer by a negative integer?

If you divide a positive number (it doesn't really matter if it is an integer or a fraction) by a negative number, the result is negative.

What is the absolute value of an integer?

The digits of the number without any positive or negative sign. It will look just like the positive version of the integer.

How do you determine the absolute value of an integer?

If the number is 0 or positive, then its absolute value is itself. If the integer is negative, then its absolute value will be its negative (which will be positive).To illustrate the second case, Abs(-3) = -(-3) = +3.

What does positive and negative integer mean?

A positive integer would just be a regular number like 2. A negative integer is a negative number like -2. (2 below zero)

How do you multiply positive and negative integers?

The product of a positive and a negative number (integer or otherwise) is negative.For example, (4) x (-3) = -12.The product of a positive and a negative number (integer or otherwise) is negative.For example, (4) x (-3) = -12.The product of a positive and a negative number (integer or otherwise) is negative.For example, (4) x (-3) = -12.The product of a positive and a negative number (integer or otherwise) is negative.For example, (4) x (-3) = -12.

Is negative seventeen an integer?

Yes, -17 is an integer. Any number that is a negative or positive whole number or zero is an integer.

Is a non-integer a non whole positive number or non negative number?

A non-integer can be positive or negative. It is not a whole number, and that is all.

What is an integer number?

Basically a number without decimals (digits after a decimal point). this can be either positive or negative.

How is an integer defined?

An integer is a positive or negative whole number.

Is the absolute of a positive integer is a negative integer?

No. The absolute value of a number is the value of the number ignoring the sign - it is always positive: The absolute value of a negative number is a positive number; The absolute value of a positive number is a positive number.

Is a rational number the same as an integer?

no. an integer is a whole, positive number, a rational number can be positive, negative, or a fraction

When you subtract a negative integer from a positive integer the result is always positive?

Yes, because subtrating a negative number is the same thing as adding a positive number.

What is a whole positive or negative number?

A whole positive or negative number is an integer which has no decimals or fractions.

Is negative10 is an integer?

(*Is negative 10 an integer?) Yes, because an integer is a positive or negative whole number.

What is non positive integer?

A non-positive integer is a negative integer. The term refers to any integer (a number that has no decimal part) that is less than zero.It means that it is an integer (whole number), and that it isn't positive. In other words, that includes zero, and negative integers.

Integer that is not a whole number?

no, integer is 0 or positive / negative whole number

Can a negative integer be greater than a positive integer explain?

no , because the negative integer is not a whole number. A whole number is greater than a negative ! (:

Is 14 an integer?

An integer is any number that is positive or negative. Basically, an integer is a number.

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