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A portion of the total is to its percentage of the total as the total is to 100%.

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Q: How can you find the total number in a whole given the percent and the number of parts?
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36 is what percent of 150?

The formula for finding the percent is =The given number/Total number *100 Here the given number is 36 . The total number is 150 . Therefore Percent = 36/150*100=24%

How do you find the frequency in frequency table if the given is percent of total?

find the frequency before finding the percent total -_- :)

How can you add a 25 percent to a total?

Total number * 1.25

How do you find the number of molecules present when the percent is given?

If I have Z number of molecules total and 40% of that number is 88 then inorder to find Z I use this. 88 x 100/40 = Z

What word means a number more than half the total number of a given group?

the majority is the number more than half the total number of a given group.

The total number of Hispanics in Colorado?

About 10.5 percent.

What is the difference between the relative abundance and the percent?

relative abundance:the number of organisms of a particular kind as a percentage of the total number of organisms of a given area or community; the number of birds of a particular species as a percentage of the total bird population of a given area percent:figured or expressed on the basis of a rate or proportion per hundred (used in combination with a number in expressing rates of interest, proportions, etc.)

What is a total?

Total are the number of the given set to add then and divide by the addends.

63 students is 70 percent of what number?

To find out what percentage of a number a certain number is, divide it by x/100. In this instance, 63 / (70/100) = 90.This is the opposite of what you would do if you were given the total, and told to find a certain percentage.

What does a numerator tell us?

How many parts are present out of the total number of parts.

What is the total number of people affected in a given population at a point in time or during a period of time and is often expressed as a percent?

Your question seems to be based on a scenario which you need to explain

What does the denominator stand for?

the total number of parts in a fraction