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Easy to do. One US gallon is about 3.785 liters so you simply multiply the number gallons of liquid by 3.785 to determine how many liters there are.

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Q: How can you find the volume of a liquid in a 55 gallon drum in liters?
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How many liters in a five gallon drum?

A five-gallon drum can hold up to about 18.927 liters.

How many litres in a 55 gallon drum?

55 US liquid gallons equates to 208.197 liters.

How many liters of liquid can a 55-gallon drum hold?

55 US gallons = 242.5 litres, approx.

How many liters in 1 drum of diesel?

A standard 55-gallon drum is equal to 208.2 liters.One standard size of metric "drum" is a plastic one holding 160 liters.This is roughly equal to the "barrel" measurement for oil (42 US gallons, 159 liters) which was the same as the English wine cask known as a tierce.210 litres

What is the volume of a 55-gallon drum?

55 gallons

What is the volume of a 33 gallon drum?

33 gallons

What are the dimensions of a 50 gallon drum?

A 35 gallon drum is equivalent to 132.49 liters. Which is also equivalent to 4,448 ounces, most commonly 280 pounds.

How many pounds of wheat is in a 55 gallon drum?

Unknown: 55 gal drum is a volume. This is the amount of volume this drum can hold. Gallon is a liquid measure, so, compounded with the fact that you don't know the mass or weight of the wheat, you don't have a dry measure. Are there air pockets? Is the wheat 100% dry? What is the mass of a given sample of wheat? After you answer these questions, just substitute for weight, and you will have your answer.

How many gallons to an in in a 55 gallon drum?

A 55-gallon drum equates to about 7.35 cubic feet of volume.

How many pounds is a 30 gallon drum?

It would convert to about 240 pounds of contents, plus the weight of the drum. Pounds is a unit of mass/weight. Gallons is a liquid measure. They do not convert cleanly. The density of the liquid being measured can make a big difference. If the liquid is water, there is 8 pounds to a gallon.

How many liters in a 55 gallon drum?

55 Imperial gallons = 250 L55 US gallons = 208.2 L

How can you find the volume of a liquid in a 55 gallon drum in quarts from inches?

A 55 gallon drum is just a cylinder and, as such, the volume can be determined by the formula ¶r2h (Pi times radius squared times height). According to Wikipedia, standard 55 gallon drums are 22.5 inches in diameter and 33.5 inches high. The equation is thus 3.14 * 11.25^2 * 33.5. That comes out to 13313 cubic inches or 7.7 cubic feet.