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Q: How can you get over or out of a relationship with a married man when you both work side by side with each other almost every day and who cannot quit this job as it is your dream job?
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What does it mean when you dream about your man proposing to you?

Assuming that you are not married, this is a wish-fulfillment dream, expressing your longing for this to be a permanent relationship.

What does dream about ex boyfriend getting married but cant see the brides face?

This dream appears to expressing your desire be married, while the lack of a specific face reflects your situation of not being in a relationship. It is simply a dream about being married, not about marrying anyone in particular.

What does this mean when you dream he taking you home to see his parents?

It means that you are hoping that your relationship will become more serious. But your dream cannot tell you anything at all about HIS thoughts and feelings.

Why do you dream about your ex boyfriend when you are married?

The dream suggests that at some level of your mind, you continue to have emotional ties to the ex boyfriend. Alternatively, something may be happening in your marriage relationship that reminds you (on a subconscious level) of similar issue in your previous relationship.

What do it mean when your boyfriend had a dream that we getting married?

Dreams express the dreamer's thoughts and emotions. This dream suggests that the boyfriend's subconscious mind is working through the issue of a committed relationship. The dream does not predict the future in any way.

You had a dream that your bff liked the guy that you liked and she didnt care and he liked her and they ended up married while you were homeless what does this mean?

It may mean you are worrying about your relationship with him/her or unsecured about how the relationship is working out.

What does it mean that you had a dream that the married man that you've had an ongoing relationship with for years were caught by his family?

No one but the dreamer can decide what a dream means. It helps to remember that dreams are usually not literal, but symbolic. However, they do reflect our daily concerns. I would wonder, what does it feel like and mean to you IF his family did catch you with this married man. There, you should find your dream's meaning. e.g. Do you want to be known... Or are you constantly worried about being caught, and if so, what do you want to do about this semi-relationship.

What does it mean when you dream of your ill sister who gets mad at you in your dream for not getting married then you say that you will then she smiles and laughs with happiness?

This dream appears to express your need for emotional reconciliation with your sister. Her illness may be adding urgency to your feeling that your relationship needs to be mended without delay.

Who is nivea married to?

She is not married; she was, however, married to The-Dream 2004 to 2007

Are Kanye West and Christina millian married?

No, she is married to The Dream

What does it mean when you dream that your father is dead?

Unless you father is terminally ill or his life is at risk for some other reason, this dream is not forecasting the future. Dreams of a parent dying are not uncommon and reflect a young person's changing relationship with that parent. The former relationship of dependent child to protective parent is gone, and that absence can be illustrated in a dream as death. The dream means that you cannot go back to the old parent/child relationship, but must now begin a new way of relating to your father as increasingly equal adults and friends.

What does it mean when you dream of a mysterious girl that you are in a relationship with in the dream?

I think it means that you are thinking of that girl so much, you dream of her.