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Bare wires!?!?!?! For 240V you need 3 wires plus ground. Red and Black are hot, white is neutral. Don't mess with 240V if you have no idea what you're doing. It's not safe at all.

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Q: How can you install a 240V receptacle from the bare wires for an electric range?
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How do you change a 3 wire receptacle to a new 4 wire receptacle?

You would first install the required 4-wire cable (or conduit with 4 wires) and proceed accordingly.


Wires bring the voltage source to the junction box of the receptacle. At this point they are terminated under the screws of the receptacle. With the receptacle screwed to the junction box and the cover plate installed the outlet is ready to be used. The last thing to do is turn the breaker back on to energize the receptacle.

How do you install a new range receptacle?

A new outlet (running new wire) or replacing an old one (wires already there)? Shut off the Power to that Receptical, diconnect the receptical, and reconnect the New receptical using the Wires from the one you replaced. Then turn the power back on and Test it with a Tester!

When replacing an outlet you notice three sets of wires coming into the box and all three wired to the outlet 2 into each side and 1 in the back is there a way to wire this properly?

no you have to improperly install it....... :P Shut off the power to the receptacle. Now remove the three black wires from one side of the old receptacle and twist them all together with your pliers. Make a short pigtail 6 inches long, same colour and wire size. Now twist this pigtail into the other three wires. Hold all four wires together with the appropriate size wire nut. Do the same with the white wires. Push all the wires into the back of the receptacle box. Connect the two pigtail wires to the new receptacle black wire to the brass coloured screw, white wire to the silver coloured screw. Screw the new receptacle back into the box, install cover plate, turn the power back on. Done deal.

How can I install a 110 receptacle alongside a 220 receptacle using the 220 receptacle wires for power?

While you can physically do this it violates the Electrical Code. 110 Volt and 220 Volt receptacles are required by the Electrical Code to be on separate breakers for safety reasons, this would put them on the same 220 Volt breaker.

How do you install 220 receptacle with white black and bare wires?

Assuming the wires are the correct gauge for application and breaker you use black and white wires as hot. Put red electrical tape on each end of white wire and connect red and black to the breaker output and bare wire to ground lug in panel. At receptacle connect black and red to hot contacts and bare wire to ground lug.

Your electric stove has a 3 prong plug your new stove has a 4 prong stove you bought a new 4 prong outlet but on your old outlet it oly has 3 wires no ground wire how do you ground it?

Look in the back of the range receptacle box that is in the wall. The three wires coming in should have a bare ground wire in the cable set. It wasn't brought to the receptacle because there was no place for it on the three wire receptacle If you find it back there under a screw terminal just add another short piece of wire under the screw and then connect the other end of the short wire to the new ground terminal on the new four position receptacle The wire should be equal in size to the size of the wire that exists around the ground terminal now. If the house is so old that the range cable did not have a ground wire in it the code allows a separate green ground #10 wire to be taken from the breaker panel box to the existing range receptacle This wire is to be bonded on each end. At the panel end to the ground buss and at the receptacle end around the ground screw at the back of the box unbroken and then to the new four position receptacle ground lug.

How much would it cost to install electrical wires in a house?

I can give you no definate answer as it depends on where you live and how big the home is. Also if it is all electric or only partially electric.

Why would someone use two positive wires to complete a house 2 plug receptacle circuit?

If the 2 hot wires are connected to either side of a receptacle, you have a 240v receptacle (assuming it's in the US). This is typically done for window air conditioners. But code requires that the receptacle have a different configuration than other receptacles in the building so you don't run the risk of plugging in a 120v device into a 240v receptacle.

How do you install an electric cook top into an antique cast iron stove?

i need info on how to conect the wirin ,on an electric cook stove. the wires on the stove are red green and black

What normal household objects are 2 2.5 and 3 millimeters in diameter?

The cores of electric wires and cables.The cores of electric wires and cables.The cores of electric wires and cables.The cores of electric wires and cables.

Do ants eat electric wires?

Some species of ants do feed on electric wires.

How do you rewire a 220 volt receptacle to produce 110 volts?

A 220 volt receptacle is a receptacle which has 2 wires carrying 110 has two "hot" wires at 110 and a neutral or common leg which has no voltage. A 110 volt receptacle is a receptacle which has 1 wire which carries 110 volts and a common wire. The wiring in the USA is almost standardized now to where the two "hot" (carrying 110 volts) wires are colored black and red, and the common or neutral is white. To change a receptacle to 110 remove the red or black wire from the old receptacle and wire nut it off...leaving the other red or black to attach to the new receptacle (right side of receptacle usually, looking at it from the grounding hole on the receptacle ON THE BOTTOM). You then connect the white wire to the left side of the receptacle. This will provide only 110 volts now. If the wires are not black, red, and white..they may be black, black, and white. In most cases, the white wire is always the neutral or common wire. When in doubt, buy a voltmeter and check each wire to the metal box in the wall...the wires carrying the 110 volts will usually read 110 on the voltmeter (or 115, 118..etc). Good luck!

How do you get more pulling power out of a golf-cart?

Install 4 guage wires instead of 6 guage or but a lower torque electric motor.

Why would an electric receptacle have 3 hot and 3 neutral wires With one set of wires screwed into the sides of the outlet and the other two sets pushed into the back?

This is the correct way to wire receptacles. Because more that one receptacle can be put on a circuit what you are seeing is the power to other receptacles and the use of this box as a junction box. It sounds like the splice is the way it should be. All of the splices in the back of the box with a pigtail from both the black and the white brought forward and connected to the duplex receptacle The reason the wiring is done this way is to facilitate the removal and replacement of the receptacle without disturbing the splice to the other devices in the circuit. Light fixtures can be fed out of these splices also. For a light switch, two wires will go from a wall receptacle to the light switch and then to the light fixture box. In the switch box the white wires will be spliced together and pushed to the back of the box and then the two black wires will be connected across the switch. When the switch is turned on the voltage is applied to the fixture junction box.

What are the wires called that carry electricity?

electric wires

Why electric wires are covered with insulator?

If electric wires weren't covered with insulation, there would be short circuits.

How do you change a tail light bulb holder for a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

Cut the wires on the old fixture and splice wires from new receptacle

You have two white wires and two black wires which one is the ground?

Neither pair of these wires are ground. If you are looking in a receptacle box at these wires look deep into the box. At the back you should see the ground wires connected around a screw. These will be bare copper wires, they are the ground wires.

Can a treadmill that runs on 15 amps work on a circuit breaker that is 20 amps?

From a 20 amp breaker, the circuit wires to the 20 amp receptacle must be #12 wires. As long as the receptacle is rated at 20 amps and the receptacle has a T slot on the right hand blade side, you are good to go. Most likely the treadmill plug has a parallel blade configuration.

How are electric wires manufactured?

Electric wires are manufactured in various ways. One of the most common methods is the strip twist where wires are enhanced to hold mechanical loads.Ê

How do you replace a starter in a 94 trooper?

Disconnect battery, remove electric wires from starter, remove mounting bolts, install new part in reverse sequence.

What are electric wires made of metal?

Wht are electric wires made of metal?

Why do electrical wires have plastic covering?

Electrical wires have plastic covering as when electric current flows through the copper wires and mistake we hold it so we may get an electric shock.

Why do electrical wires have plastic coverings?

Electrical wires have plastic covering as when electric current flows through the copper wires and mistake we hold it so we may get an electric shock.