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102 = 100

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Q: How can you make 102 equals 100 equal by just moving one symbol?
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What does X equal when 1 - X equals X?

1-x=x → 2x=1 → x= 1/2 (0.5) the first step is just moving the x to the other side.

What is the term for a number that is not equal but is less than or greater?

The term is just "unequal" and the symbol is an equal sign with a slash through it.

How could 2 plus 2 equals fish?

it doesn't equal fish that's just a joke it actually equals four.

How many mm equal 2 inches?

basically 1 inch equals to 30.48 cm. So 1 cm is equal to 10 mm. Just calculate it this way and you will get your answer. basically 1 inch equals to 30.48 cm. So 1 cm is equal to 10 mm. Just calculate it this way and you will get your answer.

What percent is equal to 2.5?

2.5 equals 25% just dived 2.5 by 1hundred

If the friction equals the force why the object moves. why it doesn't stop?

Friction force is equal to the force applied only when the object is not moving or it is just beginning to slide. Once the object has started motion completely, it means that the force applied has exceeded the frictional force

What does the greater than or equal to symbol mean?

The greater than or equal to symbol is put between two numbers, where the number on the left of the symbol is "greater than or equal to" the number on the right. That just means the number to the left is either bigger than the number on the right or it's equal to, or the same as, the number to the right. This is mostly used when you don't know exactly what the number on the left is, but you know it's larger or equal to the number on the left.

What is the symbol for less than or equal too?

There is none, you just combine the symbols for each, thus "<=".

What is the difference between equal and congruent?

A congruence sign is just like an equals sign, but with a ~ on top the =.

How many meters are equal to 600 millimeters?

It equals 0.6 meters or just 60 centimeters.

What is 1whole and 25 equal?

Just add 1 + 25.

What does sixteen divided by one equal?

Anything divided by one just equals itself. Like 8/1=8 6/1=6. So 16/1 just equals 16.

WHAT IS Mass of an object times its weight?

I don't know. I was just looking for the same answer just I think mass times weight equals gravity. I found on WikiAnswers just a few minutes ago that mass divided by weight equals acceleration, so that means mass times weight can't also equal acceleration; furthermore, I found elsewhere on the internet about 10-30 minutes ago that weight equals mass times gravity, so if you invert the formula "W = M * G", there are 2 ways to convert it: "M = W / G" & "G = M * W". I'm guessing mass times weight does equal gravity, but I'm not positive. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but please be sure to read what is beyond this colon.: W = Weight M = Mass G = Gravity / = Divided by symbol * = Times symbol "=" = Equals/Is Equal To/Etc.

Correct the equation 101 102 equals 1 by just moving one numeral?

It could be: 101-100 = 1

If one inch equals 25.4 then what does two inches equal?

50.8, you just multiply 25.4 by 2...

What does 0 equals 0 mean?

It just means that the value of 0 is equal to the value of 0, which is correct. It's like saying 2 equals 2, or 6 equals 6, or 52657 equals 52657... you get the point.

How many lb equal 208 oz?

13 pounds because i just divide 208 oz and 16 oz which 16 oz equals to one pound and it equals to 13 pounds just divide the oz

What is 10 equals to?

Ten dekagrams is equal to 100 grams since each dekagram is equal to 10 grams. However, 100 grams is only equal to just less than a quarter of a pound.

What does 1 liter equal?

1 liter equals my butt wait im just kidding i mean mj

How many miles equals 880 meters?

880 meters is equal to just over one half of a mile.

What this symbol means dan please insert symbol?

I assume you got the same crossword homework assignment that my son got. Looks like someone named Dan was supposed to insert a symbol into the page. But there is not a symbol there, just the words "DAN PLEASE INSERT SYMBOL". The answer is "NOTEQUAL" (not equal). The symbol is <>

How do you write 3 over 100 as a percent?

To write 3/100 as a percent have to remember that 1 equal 100% and that what you need to do is just to multiply the number by 100 and add at the end symbol %. 3/100 * 100 = 0.03 * 100 = 3% And finally we have: 3/100 as a percent equals 3%

Why does your birth year plus your age equal 109 every time?

.. No it doesn't. And it just equals the current year, since how old you are equals the amount of years from your birth year to now.

What is 8 percent minus 3 percent?

Take 8 minus 3 and that equals 5. Just act like the percent symbol isn't there.

How many pt equals 30 cups?

15 pints equal 30 cups. Just remember 2 cups = 1 pint.