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How can you make $25.45 using the least number of bills and coins?

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Q: How can you make 25.45 using the least number of bills and coins?
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How do you make 63 without using coins or 1 bills?

Use numbers, instead.

Find two equivalent sets for 4.45 using coins and bills?

4 dollars 4 dimes and a nickel

Using only three types of coins make a dollar with the greatest number of coins?

Using pennies, nickels, and dimes: 85 pennies 1 nickel 1 dime Total = 87 coins.

How do you find fractions in money?

Its depends if you're using cons or bills. For coins, for example say you have 52 cents. Then you put 52/100. And so that's your fraction. For bills I'm not so sure.

How can 45.21 be made using only 3 bills and 3 coins?

two 20 dollar bills and one 5 dollar bill; two dimes and one penny

What is the fewest number of coins you can make 0.13?

Using standard American coins (1, 5, 10, 25 cents), the fewest number of coins to make $0.13 would be four -- one dime and three pennies. This number would be different in countries that use different denomination coins, such as the 2-cent piece.

Smallest number you can using 91764?

The smallest number that someone can get using the 91764 digits is 14679. The secret is to arrange the digits from the least number to their greatest number.

What bills can you pay using a credit card?

shopping bills,electric bills,telephone bills and etc

If nine fair coins are tossed what is the probability of obtaining at least one head and at least one tail using the complement formula?

255/256 (complement formula)

write the number with the least value using the digits only once. Explain your reasoning?


What is the largest number of coins that will make 29.30?

The smallest coin available is a penny, worth one cent. Simply shift the decimal two places to the right (because you're going from dollars and cents to strictly cents) to find that you would need 2930 pennies to make $29.30 using the largest number of coins possible. Using any other coins would only decrease the number of coins in the combination.

What is the greatest odd number using 83067?

What is the greatest possible number of 83067 and the least

Why are people using routing number 061000146 to pat their bills?

That's the Federal Reserve Bank routing number. It is a scam. Do not use this. The payment will come back and the bill will be unpaid. Additional fees will also be applied to your bills.

What currency did Greece use prior to the euro?

Greece used the Greek drachma up till 2001 The name appears on coins and bills using the Greek alphabet: δραχμαί

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i like maths

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show two different ways to make 17$ using 1 dollar bills ' 5 dollar bills and 10 dollar bills?


Two coins 30cents no20cents coins what is answer?

quarter+nickel= $0.30, using two coins.

What is the least number of notes needed to make 25?

It depends which currency you are using.

What is the least number that can be made using all these digits at once 6573?

It is 3567

What is the least number that can be formed using 5 1 3 9?


Are replica coins worth anything?

Replica coins are generally not worth much more than the metal they're made from. That said, some replica coins are intentionally made using precious metals so they can be sold as collectibles, and these can be worth at least their melt value.

Can you make 50p using only 2 coins?

No, the closest you can get is 40p using 2 x 20p coins.

Using only three types of coins make a dollar with the least amount of coins?

If you can use up to three types of coins, the answer would be to use a Dollar coin - require only one coin.If you must use exactly three types of coins, the answer would be to use 3 Quarters, 2 Dimes and a Nickel - requires six coins.

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If you place the numbers on the number line, they go from the least to the greatest as you go from left to right.