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Q: How can you make 97 cents with only 7 coins?
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how much is 97 cents plus 18 cents?

one dollar and fifteen cents

What whole numbers can be mutiplied to make 97?

Only 1 and 97.

How many coins make 97 cents?

there is no answer, unless you go back in time where 2 and 1 cents were still used in curency=50,2 20s,5,and a 2 cent. by Wilson Incorrect.. 1 Quarter, 6 dimes, 2 nickels 2 pennies

How many peppercorns in a pound of peppercorns?

97 cents

When were gas prices .97 cents?

In the 70's

What is 30 percent of 97 dollars and 97 cents?

30% = 0.30 $97.97 x 0.30 = $29.39

What is the best estimate for 97?

estimate for 97 cents per lb and 2.35 lb

What are 1960 coins made of?

Cents: bronze, 97% copper, 5% tin and zinc Nickels: 25% nickel, 75% copper Dimes, quarters, halves: 90% silver, 10% copper These compositions were typical of most coins of those denominations from the 1850s to 1964, except for the years during WW2 when nickels and cents were made of different metals due to wartime needs.

How much is 12 peso?

87 dollars and 97 cents.

How much are hot wheel cars worth?

97 cents

What is 30 percent of 97 dollars?

29 dollars and 10 cents

What did granulated sugar cost in 1920?

Five lbs. for 97 cents. By 1925, the price had dropped to 35 cents for the same amount.