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6 nickels

one dime

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Q: How can you make change with 7 coins to make 40 cents?
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Related questions

How do you make exact change for 40 cents using 10 coins?

4 dimes, 1 nickel & 5 pennies

How can you make 50 cents using exactly 18 coins?

10 pennies and 8 nickels =18 coins 10 cents + 40 cents = 50 cents

What is the smallest of coins needed to equal 40 cents?

A quarter, a nickel, and a dime make forty cents.

What are 6 coins that make 40 cents?

Two dimes, four nickels

How many coins equal 40?

Three coins add up to 40 cents: a quarter, a dime, and a nickel.

How do you make one dollar using three different types of coins and use sixteen coins in total?

four dimes equal 40 cents ten nickels equal fifty cents ten pennies equal 10 cents Add the 3 groups of coins for one dollar

How many 2 cent coins go into 40?

if 40 is cents then 2 cents x 20 if 40 is dollars then 2 cents x 2,000

How many nickels does it take to make 2 dollars?

A nickel is 5 cents, and $2 is 200 cents. Thus you need 200/5 = 40 coins.

How much is 5 rolls of nickels containing 40 coins each?

A nickel is 5 cents so one roll of 40 coins is worth 5 * 40 = 200 cents, or $2. Five rolls of $2 each then totals $10.

How many coins are there in each roll of Australian decimal coins?

Coins rolls as rolled and distributed by the Royal Australian Mint contain coins as follows - 1 cent - 50 coins per roll - total 50 cents (withdrawn from circulation) 2 cents - 50 coins per roll - total One Dollar (withdrawn from circulation) 5 cents- 40 coins per roll - total Two Dollars 10 cents- 40 coins per roll - total Four Dollars 20 cents- 40 coins per roll - total Eight Dollars 50 cents- 20 coins per roll - total Ten Dollars 1 Dollar - 20 coins per roll - total Twenty Dollars 2 Dollars - 25 coins per roll - total Fifty Dollars

How can you get 1 dollar with 50 coins?

Nickels-8 Dimes-2 Pennies-40 8 Nickels=40 cents 2 Dimes= 20 cents 40 Pennies= 40 cents 40+40+20=100 cents 100 cents=1 dollar

How do you make change for a dollar with fifty coins?

40 pennies, 8 nickels, and two dimes

How many ways can you make 40 cents without using pennies?

you can make 40 cents withiut using pennies 7 ways

How can you make change for 1.00 using only fifty coins?

40 pennies, 8 nickles and 2 dimes

What is the value of a 1961 nikall?

There's no such coin. The U.S. and Canada do mint coins called NICKELS, however. Any that you find in change will be worth only 5 cents despite their age. An uncirculated one might sell for 35 or 40 cents.

Hom much could you get for 1995 coins?

Unless they are uncirculated or proof coins, any standard cents, nickels, etc. that are less than about 40 years old will be worth only face value. If you check your pocket change it will be clear that there is nothing special to coins that are 10 or 15 years old.

How many 25 cents are in a roll?

A standard bank roll of quarters is $10, or forty coins.

How much is 1923 penny worth?

1923 Lincoln cents are common in circulated condition an retail values run from 3 cents to 40 cents on average. But values do jump up to $2.00/ $6.00 for coins that show medium to light wear. Uncirculated coins do have values of $9.00/$14.00 depending on the grade.

How many ways can you make 40 cents using pennies nickels dimes quarters and three letters?

There are no ways to do that, since there are no letters in 40 cents.

What is the value of 1943 d penny?

Value of all the steel 1943 Lincoln cents especially depends on condition, coins that are corroded, dark or reprocessed have little or no collectible value. The 1943-D in original condition has values of 7 to 40 cents for most circulated coins.

How much do counselors make per hour?

40 cents an hour

What is the ratio of 4 dimes to 3 quarters?

In the number of coins the raio of 4 dimes to 3 quarters is 4:3. In terms of money amount, 4 dimes equals 40 cents and 3 quarters equals 75 cents, so the ratio is 40:75. This can be reduced to 8:15.

What is 40 percent off 10 dollars?

40% of $10 is 40 cents. So 40% off $10 would make it $9.60.

What are the 6 coins that make 40?

two dimes, four nickels

How can you make change for a dollar using exactly 50 coins with dime nickels and pennies?

40 pennies 8 nickles 2 dimes