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Q: How can you make your body shrink down to 4 inches?
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What conditions make a cell shrink?

Hypertonic conditions make a cell shrink .

How do you make your body look smaller?

wear clothing that has the effect of being smaller. or shrink and lose some weight.

What is best to shrink breast?

Nothing can make it shrink either.

What is to shrink?

to make small

What foods make you shrink in height?

I have believed that coffee would make you shrink in height but it isn't scientifically proved that this does. Sorry but i don't think any foods can make you shrink in height although I wish there was. =P

What did the ice pack mean on that episode of martin?

He was trying to make his 'man' shrink. He was aroused with Gina lying next to him, so the ice pack was to make it go down.

Who make a tagless no shrink womens t-shirt?

Hanes make tagless no shrink womens t-shirt's.

Does diabetes make your brain shrink?


What is the definition of shrink?

To make smaller

Do people really shrink?

it is very rare that people can shrink scientists can make potions that shrink and make you biggger again if you know a scientest you can ask if he can then you/someone can go in your kids toys and stuff=)

How do you make your clothes shrink?

It depends on the material, but normally if you wash and then dry it at a high heat it will shrink.

What does hypertonic do to the cells?

make the cell shrink