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Q: How can you rejoin army after being out ten years?
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What plan was the rival to the Ten Percent Plan?

The Ten Percent Plan was written by president Lincoln. The Radical Republicans wrote the Wade Davis Bill/ Ten Percent Plan. The Bill stated that the southern states could rejoin but, had to swear under "Ironclad oath" to rejoin the Union. This also established safeguards for African American Civil

Did Alexander the Great lead his army to India?

No, his army, having been campaigning for ten years, mutinied and refused to go further east.

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How long did Ulysses S. Grant serve in the Union army?

Grant served in the Union army for a total of four years. Prior to that he was in the United States Army for ten years from 1843 to 1853 and resigned as a captain. Following the war he remained in the army until elected president of the US in 1868, and his total military service amounts to 17 years.

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You are ten to eleven years to late.

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