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Get a step up transformer that converts 120 V to 277 V. Size according to the load.

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Q: How can you run a 277v motor on a 120v line?
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Can you run a 277V light on 120V?


Can a 120V ceiling fan run on a 100V line?

It will run, but you will pull more amps than you would while running on a 120v line and it will not run as fast or as efficiently. Bottom line: you'll use more electricity and your bill will be much higher. The motor will also run hotter.

Can you use 110 volt to run 220 motor?

A 220v motor uses two 120v legs. But for your question, no, because it needs another 120v wire to run.

I have a Pool pump that can run on 120v and 220v which is better?

Use the 220 volt connection. The wire size to feed the motor will be smaller and the motor will run more smoothly.

What happens to 120v 60hz motor when connected to 220v 50hz?

The motor will run very fast and eventually smoke will come out of it. When the coils burn open, the motor will stop.

Can you run a motor 120V 60 Hz 4Watts straight from a wall outlet?

Yes, assuming the wall outlet produces 120V 60 Hz at at least 4 watts.

How can you convert a 120V box to 240V for AC?

It can't be "converted", you have to run a 220 line and have a 220 breaker and plug installed.

Can 240V washer run on 120V outlet?


Can a 120V Generator run 240V machines?


If you have an electric heater 120V 60HZ 1500W can you run other things on a 15 amp line?

You would be using a maximum of 12.5 amps. Your should not hook anything else to that line.

Why will the washer not spray on the Kia Sportage?

out of winshiel washer fluid, does the motor run when you push the fluid despense button ? if so suspect plugged line, broke line ,if it does not run suspect fuse or windshield pump motor.

How star delta motor run?

star delta motors start as a Y for 3 phase so the windings that normally see 480 volts see 277V a relay switches to delta then it runs as a normal delta motor the reduces the starting current by about 60% for 3 phase

What is phase reversal on a three phase motor?

If any two of the three line conduuctors are exchanged, the motor will run in the opposite direction.

If you have low voltage lights in your yard and you want to install a decorative street lamp how do you increase the voltage to power the 120V street lamp?

you don't run a new 120 line

How can you convert an air compressor that is wired for 240V to 120V?

To see if the motor can be converted check the specification plate. If it says 110/220V you can rewire the windings to drop the voltage. There are several explinations on how to do that on this site. If the plate says only 220V you cannot. You need to run a dedicated line for it. Again, there are many explinations on how to do that on this site.

What can a 1200 watt generator run?

If the generator produces 120v, it will run anything requiring 8 amps or less.

What will happen if you run induction motor below its rated speed?

if it is a three phase motor it can be run an the single phase mains but it woild require a hand start in either direction, if you put a capacitor on line two and three and the live and neutral on line one and two then it should work

Can a 240 volt electric fan be run on 277 volts?

No...that's too much voltage, and 277v is normally three-phase power.

Can you plug a ballast into a 120V outlet that is normally meant for 240V outlets if it's a 400W metal halide light bought in Korea and will it run in the US?

No, but it's usually quite easy to run a 220V line to wherever you want to put the bulb.

What is the effect of reversing the connections to one winding of the three phase motor?

If you were to swap around any two of the three line connections the motor will run in the opposite direction.

How many amp saw will a 1000 watt generator run?

8 amps at 120v

How do you change an electric motor to run on 120V instead of 240V?

Many motors have the ability to run on 240 or 120 volts. There is typically a diagram on the rating plate on the motor that shows you how to wire for either voltage. Sometimes you need to install or remove jumpers. If your motor is not dual rated you can't easily convert because if you just connect 120 volts to where 240 volts were connected you will draw twice the current which isn't good for a lot of reasons.

Can you use a 3 volt battery to run an 8 volt motor?

You can but the motor may not run, however you will not burn the motor.

How do you wire start and run capacitors into an electric motor?

Connect your start capacitor in series with the start winding.Connect the run capacitor in the common terminal and Line 1 of the power supply.

How do you connect 400 motor to run with 690?

You don't, unless the motor doesn't have to last very long. that's a 173% of the motor voltage rating (690volts / 400 volts), at best you can get away with ~110%. The motor will become overexcited, overheat, overspeed, and fail. You must step the voltage down to a reasonable level for the motor. You could use power electronics for this, or a transformer. If your source is a four wire, 690v system (the line to line voltage is 690v), then you should be able to run the motor wired line to neutral. You should verify this won't overload anything, and won't cause excessive unbalance on your three phase.