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Arrange the 9 toothpicks thus:

7 + 3

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Q: How can you take 9 toothpicks and make ten without breaking the toothpicks?
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How do you make five triangles with ten toothpicks?

You can make 5 triangles out of 9 toothpicks. With 6 toothpicks, make a large triangle with 2 toothpicks for each side. Now, take individual toothpicks, and make a smaller triangle inside the larger one by joining the midpoints of the sides of the previous triangle. (The vertices of the smaller triangle are the midpoints of the sides of the larger one).

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Here are three ideas. #1 you could take toothpicks and marsh mellows and stick them together. #2 you could make blue jello for water (in river etc) put Swedish fish in the jello like fish and take 4 pretzel sticks and stick 'em in then tie stringy licorice to the ends then take toothpicks and stick them in between the licorice to make the deck. #3 you can take two apple slices and stick toothpicks with marshmallows into the insides of the apples. Hope that helped.

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Take 4 toothpicks and arrange them differently to have 3 squares?


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How can you take away 8 toothpicks and have 3 squares left?


How do you make five triangles out of nine toothpicks that are laid out in the form of three triangles by only moving three of the toothpicks?

Firstly, take out three toothpicks that form a triangle. You will be left with two triangles. Secondly, place all three toothpicks to form a triangle above the centre of the two triangles. Four small triangles and a large triangle will be formed, which makes them five triangles. Example: At first: /_\/_\/_\ Imagine that these are three triangles (nine toothpicks), with the sides joined. Secondly: /_\/_\ Imagine that you have taken away one triangle (three toothpicks). Thirdly: Place the three toothpicks to form a triangle above the two triangles. Imagine that the sides are joined. Four small triangles are formed. The four triangles make up a large triangle, which makes them five. /_\ /_\/_\

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How do you move 2 toothpicks to make 2 squares from 4?

You arrange 12 toothpicks into a large square, subdivided into four squares : 2 toothpicks on each side and four more, one each from the middle of the sides to the center of the large square. Now you have four (small) squares. Take away 2 adjacent toothpicks from the ones in the center, and you have 2 squares : one remaining small one and the large one that has the small one inside it. (see related link)

Use 9 toothpicks to form 3 squares each side of which is a complete toothpick length?

This can be done in 3D. Place four toothpicks in a square shape on a flat surface. Take a further two toothpicks and place them in such a way that they for an upward triangle on two adjacent sides of the square on the floor. Take a further two toothpicks and do the sam on the other adjacent side. Take the last remaining toothpick and joint the two triangles. You have now created three equally sized squared in 3D

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Toothpicks with five squares move only two to make seven squares?

Note that the question does not say how the 5 squares are arranged. Let me specify one scenario: ____ |_|_| |_|_| |_| Take the two toothpicks from the upper left corner (the upper-right and the corner right below it will do too) and put them inside one of the remaining squares like a cross +. I can count 7 squares or 8 squares, depending on whether I count the square that contains the + or not. If your question can be more specific about the count of toothpicks, perhaps we can have a better solution. ======================

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