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Q: How can you tell if a number is written in standard notation?
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How can you tell if a number is written in scientific notation?

when a number is written in scientific notation it includes a denotation or a connotation :)

When a number is written in scientific notation how can you tell whether or not it is equal to or greater then 1?

If the exponent is not negative, then a number written in scientific notation is greater than or equal to 1.

How can you tell if a number written in scientific notation is big or small?

In scientific notation, a number is expressed as a decimal multiplied by a power of 10. To determine if a number is big or small, look at the power of 10. If the power is positive, the number is big, and if the power is negative, the number is small. The higher the magnitude of the power, the larger or smaller the number.

Explain how can you tell whether a number written in scientific notation is less than 1?

if the power of ten is a negative number it's smaller than one.

What is the hugest number invented?

The largest number that has been invented is called "Graham's number." It is so large that it cannot be effectively described or written out in standard notation. Graham's number was first introduced by mathematician Ronald Graham in the 1970s as a solution to a problem in the field of Ramsey theory.

How do you tell if a number is in scientific notation?

It is scientific notation if it is written in the form a*10b where 1 ≤ |a| < 10 and b is an integer. The vertical bars around a indicate its modulus: that is, the non-negative value of a.

How do you tell the difference between scientific notation and squaring?

Squaring is a number raised to the power of two. Scientific notation is a number multiplied by 10 to the power of a number.

How do you get from scientific notation to standard notation?

Standard notation is like this lets say 6,920,348 Scientific notation typically includes rounding You go to the first number (6) and put a dot after it then, you count how many numbers there are to the end of the number so it would be 6.9x10^6 or 6.9e6 For the other way around (lets say 6.3x10^5) Just move the decimal place five spots to the right 630,000 What this person is trying to tell you, is that 63000 standard notation, is written as 6.3 times 10 to the power of 5 if using Scientific and Engineering notation. I cannot type 'powers' on my computer keyboard, and I guess that the previous person had the same problem , so he typed 6.3 x 10^5 I find it most annoying that computer keyboards never include mathematical symbols such as Divide, Degrees , Powers, and Square Root symbols.

Why this numbers are not written in scientific notation a. 41103 b. 0.310-7?

As far as it is possible to tell, neither of the two are in scientific notation.

How can you tell if your CRB form is Enhanced Disclosure?

The type of certificate (standard or enhanced) is written to the left and slightly above the certificate number on the front page.

What does the exponent tell you in a number written in scientific notation?

The exponent in the scientific equation tells you how many decimals to go over because you are multiplying 10 that many number of times. For example, if the number were 1.056 X 107 the number in regular format would be 10,560,000

Why do yo you write extremely large and very small number in scientific notation?

That system makes it much easier to write the numbers, remember them, tell them to others, and notice mistakes when they're written wrong.