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If the two sides of the equation are unequal, you need the greater than or the less than sign instead of the equal sign. If the left side is less, use the less than sign. Otherwise, use the greater than sign.

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Q: How can you tell when to use the greater than sign and the less than signs and in math?
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What is an inquality in math?

Where instead of an equal sign, it might be greater than or less than signs.

Less than or greater than signs?

Less than sign is < Greater than sign is >

What are the less than and greater than signs which are labeled?

the less than sign is > the greater than sign is <

How are greater than and less than signs mean?

They mean that the expression to the left of the sign is greater than or less than (as appropriate) the expression to the right of the sign.

What are the contributions of Renรฉ Descartes in math?

he discovered greater than and less than sign.

What do the greater or less than signs look like?

The greater than sign is > and the less than sign is < To help remember which is which, think about which end of the sign is greater in size - the number at that end is the greater number (and the number at the other end number lesser number).

What is a mathematical phrase that uses only number and operation signs?

If there is an equal sign, it is called an equation; if there is a less-than, a less-than-or-equal, a greater-than, or a greater-than-or-equal sign, an inequality; if there is none of these, an expression.

How are linear inequalitys differant from linear equations?

Inequalities have greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to signs. Equations have an equal sign.

How do you write the greater sign in math?

This is greater > then this

What is the difference between inpuality and equation?

I assume you mean "inequality". An equation has an equal sign; an inequality has one of the inequality signs instead of an equal sign. These signs are: * Greater than * Greater than or equal * Less than * Less than or equal To solve an inequality, the main point to consider is that if you multiply or divide both sides by a negative number, you must invert the inequality sign. For example, if you multiply both sides by (-2), a greater-than sign would need to be changed to a less-than sign.

How can you make a turkey with the keyboard?

You can make a turkey with your keyboard by typing a series of symbols. These are the less than sign, a colon, a greater than sign, and the two equals signs. The turkey will appear to be sideways.

What does inequality mean in math terms?

An inequality is similar to an equation, except that instead of an equal sign, it uses one of the following signs: * less-than * less-than-or-equal * greater-than * greater-than-or-equal

Which means less than and greater than?

The greater than sign is ">" and the less than sign is "<"

How do you type in a less than equal to sign?

I've seen less than equal to signs typed on a computer shown as <= but make sure the reader knows you are doing math. If you are writing it with pencil and paper, then use <_ (with the underscore underneath the less than sign)

Do expressions have an equal sign in math?

No they do not, equations have equal signs.

What are the critical features of an inequality?

An inequality must have a greater than sign (>) OR a less than sign (<) OR a greater than or equal to sign (≥) OR a less than or equal to sign (≤).

What inequality sign no less than?

"No less than" is the same as "greater than or equal": write the greater-than sign, with a line (similar to an underline) underneath.

What is the sing for greater than?

> is the sign for greater than.< is the sign for less than.

Which is greater 7.8 or -15.7?


Why must you flip the inequality symbol when?

I suspect you mean the signs &lt; and &gt; meaning "less than" or "greater than". (There is no flip of the inequality sign, which is an equals sign with a line through it). You have to flip when you multiply a "greater or less than" eqequation if you multiply the equatiob through by -1. Example: you have 2&gt;1, and -2&lt;-1.

What does the greater and less then sign look like?

First of all, the question should be asked like: What does the greater and less than sign look like? Greater Than Sign - &gt; Less Than Sign - &lt; Equal To Sign - = Your Welcome!

What is a sign for less than in math?


Do a greater than sign or a less than sign go with this 0.2093 16?

Less than.

What does At least mean in math terms?

"At least" is expressed with the "greater or equal" sign, for example, x &gt;= 100. (I don't know how to draw the greater-or-equal sign here - it is a horizontal line beneath the greater sign).

I want all sign of math in English with definitions?

You can get all the math signs in English with there definition by visiting the following link: