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If its an isosceles triangle it has 1 line of symmetry but if its an equilateral triangle it has 3 lines of symmetry

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Q: How can you tell whether a triangle has reflecton symmetry?
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What does the pythagorean theorem tell you?

In a right angle triangle the square of the hypotenuse is equal to height squared plus base squared

Can you use Trigonometry if you only know the sides of the triangle?

Do you mean you know the lengths of the sides but you don't know the size of any of the angles ? If that's the situation, then yes. The lengths of the sides tell you everything about the triangle, and they define one and only one unique triangle. With a little bit of trig, you can figure out what the size of each angle has to be.

What type of triangle did bonita draw?

We at WikiAnswers can't see Bonita's triangle. You'd have to tell us more about the triangle in order to be able to answer this. Please note that WikiAnswers is not here to do your homework for you. If this question is from work you have been assigned by a teacher or professor, I suggest you do the work yourself instead, which will help to increase your understanding of the subject matter and help you to become more familiar with it.

Can you tell a prime or composite number by seeing if its odd or even?

You cannot. If a number is even - other than 2 - then it is a composite number. However, if it is odd, it is not easily possible to tell whether it is prime or composite.

How do you find the height of a triangle if you only have the hypotenuse?

You can't. The hypotenuse alone isn't enough to tell you anything about the triangle. There are an infinite number of different right triangles that all have the same hypotenuse. In order to find anything else, you also need to know either the length of one leg, or else the size of one acute angle.

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Tell whether each triangle with the givin side lengths is a right triangle?


How can you tell whether a figure has rotational symmetry?

Same length, same width, same size, same shape

Show three lines of symmetry?

If your asking what shape has three lines of symmetry, your answer would be an equilateral triangle. You can tell how many lines of symmetry a shape that has all angles of the same measure has by looking at it's angles. Ex., pentagon has five angles--five lines of symmetry; octagon has eight angles, eight lines of symmetry; etc.

What is bilatoral symmetry?

ok i will tell

How do you use symmetry in a sentence?

i could tell by the look of her body ,that she new what symmetry was.

How do you tell if something has rotational symmetry?

A figure has rotational symmetry if you can turn it about a figure.

How can you tell if a figure has rotational symmetry?

You turn it a quarter to see if it still has a line of symmetry.

How can you tell if an animal has bilateral symmetry?

you can tell if an animal have bilateral symmetry if you cut the animal in half, (hypothetically) and both sides are the same

How can you tell the number of lines of symmetry in a hexagon?

A hexagon can have 0,1,2,3,4 or 6 (not 5) lines of symmetry.

How can you tell whether a triangle is unique?

All triangles are unique compared to other polygons inasmuch that they have only 3 sides and no diagonals.

What can be the conclusion for symmetry?

symmetry principles always tell us something important. They often provide the most valuable clues toward deciphering the underlying principles of the cosmos, whatever those may be. In this sense, therefore, symmetry is certainly fruitful. Whether or not some all-encompassing symmetry is the grand principle that will necessitate our "theory-of-everything" is still to be determined.

How can you tell if a right triangle is a right triangle?

if it has a right angle

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