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Handcuff vfhcbv

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Q: How can you use 4s facts to find 7 time 8?
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How can you use 4s facts to find 7x8?

4x7=28 2(4x7)=2x28=56

How can you use 4 x 7 to find 8 x 3 find the product?

you can muit by 4s and 8s.

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How can you double the 4s fact to find 4x7?


How can you use a 4s fact to find 7x8 give the product in your explanation?


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Can you use the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle to find the perimeter of any squere?

Yes. But using P=4s is easier with a square.

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How can you use 4s fact to find 7 x 8 Give the product in your explanation?

You can add 50+6 and it equals 56

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Use seven fours to make 100?

No, use 25 4s.

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If the length of each side is s, then you add the lengths of the sides: s+s+s+s = 4s Muliplication is easier: the perimeter is 4 times s = 4s.

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