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If you want to use a number line to add and subtract, it can be done with a slide rule. But it is much easier to use an electronic calculator.

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Q: How can you use a number line to add and subtract?
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How will you add or subtract with unlike signs?

we can use the number line as a model to help us visualizeadding and subtracting of signed.

Do you add or subtract the data in math?

You add or subtract (or use other operators) depending on what is required.

How can you use range when using a line graph?

All you do is find the largest and smallest number in the data. Then you subtract the small number from the big number.

What is the rule to add unlike integers?

use the number line

How do you add and subtract 16 bit numbers using 8051 microprocessor?

The 8051 is a microcontroller, not a microprocessor. To add or subtract, use the ADD or SUBB opcodes.

What symbol to use when subtract a number in Microsoft Excel 2010?

You would use a - to subtract a number on a spreadsheet

How do you use subtraction on coordinate line?

To subtract a positive number, you go the specified number of units to the left. To subtract a negative number (which is the same as adding the corresponding positive number), you go to the right.

What do you get when you add a positive and negative number?

First, subtract the absolute values of the integers, then use the greater absolute value's sign.

What do you do if there is an whole number in an adding and subtractingdecimal problem?

You can add or subtract it as a whole number. If you must use its decimal form, you just stick a decimal point at the end the whole number!

Is it important to know how to add and subtract fractions why?

it is important to learn how to add and subtract fractions because we can use it when a time comes , when we have our own business and others .

What is a situation where you would use LCM?

To add and subtract unlike fractions.

When do you use LCM in math?

When you want to add or subtract unlike fractions.

Were the roman able to add and subtract if so how?

Yes the educated Romans were able to add and subtract mentally but for more complicated calculations they would use an abacus calculating device.

How do you use the number 5?

you can multiply add subtract divide make into a fraction or percentage or squuare it or cube it ortry to maki it using base 2

How do you get a REAL fax number so you can use your new machine?

Any phone line and number can be used with a fax machine. If you want a separate line so you can use the phone at the same time call your phone company and add a line.

Do you add before you subtract?

According to the order of operations, addition and subtraction have the same precedence. That means that you add/subtract from left to right. PEMDAS is misleading use PEMorDSorA

Why do people use numerology?

so they could add subtract count etc

Why do you need to use common denominator?

To get the right answer when you add or subtract unlike fractions.

What is the meaning of Subtract 2 times the last digit from the rest?

it means multiply the the number in the ones place by two and use that number to subtract

What is the combination for the steam battery on steam works island on poptropica?

When you want to use the steam battery to open sully's door, you have to hit use outside of his door. There is a blue faded line on the number 5 on the steam pressure meter and that is the number you have to get to. So whatever number it goes to on the meter when you click the wheel to turn it, you have to add or subtract numbers to get to five. Hope this helps! :p

How do you use highest common factors in every day life?

To add or subtract fractions.

How can you express the number 100 using six 9s. You have to use them all of them You can add subtract divide or multiply them?

(9*9)+9+9+9/9 = 100

What is range in math use?

subtract the highest number from the lowestumber

How do you use a number line to determine the ratio?

You do not use a number line to find a ratio

What job would you have to use LCM and HCF for?

Any job where you need to add or subtract fractions.