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Draw the line (horizontally with positive numbers towards the right and negative numbers towards the left)) and mark the two numbers.

The number which is further to the right along the line is greater than the other; alternatively, this can be expressed as:

The number which is further to the left along the line is less than the other.

If both numbers are the same point (mark) on the line, then they are equal.

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Q: How can you use a number line to compare two numbers?
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How can you compare two fractions by using a number line?

convert numbers

What is comparing numbers?

In math, the term comparing numbers refers to seeing which of two numbers is larger or smaller. To denote whether a number is greater or lesser than another number, you use the mathematical symbols for these terms. You also can compare two numbers using a number line.

What numbers are greater on a number line?

the number on the right is the greater of two numbers

What is the definition of a compatible number?

this means two numbers that are the same and that can compare

How do you compare two numbers that do not have the same number of digits?

u cant

What is comparing ordering rational number using a number line?

This means:Draw a number line with some numbers labelled on it.Place dots on the number line where the rational numbers to be compared lie.State how the numbers compare in size with one another.There are various ways of doing this; here are two:1/2 is less than 5/41/2 < 5/4

What are two methods of comparing whole numbers?

tell how you could use a number line to determine which of two numbers is greater

What two numbers will equal -1 on a number line?

The only number that will equal -1 on a number line is -1 .

How can you compare two real numbers on the number line?

Real numbers are compared by distance from zero That means converting numbers to decimals to determine which number is greater and putting these decimals in order from least to greatest or ordering the corresponding real numbers. I posted a link as an example.

Both numbers are less than 10 The distance between the two numbers on the number line is 14?

both number are less than 10, the distance between the two number on the number line is 14

How does the number of electrons in an electrically neutral atom compare with the number of protons in its nucleus?

The two numbers are the same.

Is 71 a relative prime number?

For numbers to be relatively prime, there needs to be two or more numbers to compare their factors.

When do you need to use two number lines to compare two fractions?

When the numbers are greater than 1

What is the density property in Math?

The Density Property states that, between two rational numbers on a number line there is another rational number. Mark some fractions on a number line. No matter how dense the number line is, there still is another number between the two numbers.

What is the relationship between a number line and multiplacation?

Do you mean a line number and multiplication? A line number is a single number and a multiplication is two numbers multiplied. One and one is two. 1X2 is 3

How do you use a number line to compare two integers?

Whatever is farther to the right is greater.

Two numbers that are an equal distance from zero on a number line?


How can you use number line to determine which of two numbers is greater?

you can use a

How do you compare the product of the LCM and GCF of two numbers with the product of the two numbers?

You can compare them by looking at them (they are the same)subtracting one from the other (answer = 0)dividing one by the other (the quotient is 1).

How can you use a number line to determine which of two numbers is greater?

The numbers to the right are always greater.

How you could use a number line to determine which of two numbers is greater?

On a number line, the numbers start with zero and get larger as they move to the right, They are negative and get smaller as they move to the left from the zero. To find which number is greater, you can find the places of two numbers on the line and the one on the right is greater.

What is a number plotted on a number line?

The number can be equal to minus, zero or plus when plotted on the number line and two numbers plotted on the number line can have a range of numerical values.

Can two consecutive numbers be even. Why or Why not?

No, because every other number in the number line is odd so therefore if you have any number of consecutive numbers you will have at least one odd number (if you're talking about consecutive numbers on a number line).

Can you compare two complex numbers?

You can compare their magnitude (absolute values) but not the numbers themselves.

Give two approximate numbers for the point shown on the number line?

We're not magic; we can't see the number line.