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start with zero eigths then one eigths, two eigths..... the farther from the zero the greater the fraction value.

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Q: How can you use a number line to order two eighths seven eighth three eights and five eighths form greatest to least?
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What is thirty five eighths as a mix number?

4 and three eights.

What does an improper fraction of 3 and 3 eights?

The whole number part of the mixed number 3 is equal to 24 eighths. 3 x 8 is 24. You already have 3 eighths in the fraction part of the mixed number. So you add 24 eighths to 3 eighths and you get 27 eights. So... 27/8

What is three eighths of 24?

9 because 3 eights in 24 but you have to do 3 X the the number of eights and then you have youre answer.9

What is 5 and one eighth inch divided by 4?


What does one and one eighth divided by 9?

How many eighths in 1 (that is, one whole)? And how many eighths will you have if you add one more eighth to those? And what's that number divided by 9? You can do this.

How many eights are in five and five eights?

You mean eights. For each whole number/unit, there would be eight, so five times eight would be 40, then you have five more eighths, so 45, all told.

How do you write seventeen eighths as a decimal?

8 goes into 17 twice with one eighth remaining. Then you have to get an eighths value by dividing 1 by 8. You then get .125 so your answer is 2.125. An easier process might be to find the value of one eighth (1 divided by bottom number 8) which is .125 then multiply it by the top number 17. Seventeen eighths equals 2.125 this will work with all fractions.

How do you change twelve eights into an improper fraction?

twelve eighths is already in improper fraction, an improper fraction is a fraction which has a numerator (top number) larger than the denominator (bottom number)

Is the largest number two thirds or three eights?

two thirds = 0.666 while three eighths = 0.375 therefore two thirds is larger by far

What is 2 whole one fourths plus 1 whole three eighths equal but the answer goes to a mixed number?

Three and five eights as a mixed number, 29 over 8 as an improper fraction. Hope this helped!

How do you work out three eights of a number?

Three eights of a number (x) is x 3/8.

How many eights are there in fifty six?

Seven is the number of eights you are seeking.