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Q: How can you use bar diagrams to compare quantities in a real world situations?
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How can you use bar diagrams to compare quantities in real-world situations?

Don't know figure it out c:

How can you use bar diagrams to compare quantities in real world situations?

You can use a bar diagram to compare quantities. You can also use line graphs.

How can i select tools to compare quantities in real world situations?

The answer depends on what quantities you wish to compare. And, in a real world situation, it also depends on what tools you are capable of obtaining and using!

What kind of information can be found on the Skyscraper Page website?

The Skyscraper page gives you diagrams and drawings of various skyscrapers around the world. It is interesting to compare how various skyscrapers stack up to others around the world.

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Queen marget's situations are so stupid asdfsdfadfadf

What is derived quantity?

Derived quantities are quantities which are made or found from other major quantities. There are two types of quantities. Ones are which are recognized throughout the world and using them other quantities are made.

What do charts and diagrams have in common?

Charts and diagrams have the ability to visually display an idea or statistic. They are commonly used through out the business world to great effect.

How can Venn Diagrams and set operations be used in real world situations?

I am a person. You are a person. Persons is people. I am people. You are people. Using De Morgan on "persons are people." "Not people does not include a person." For example, my computer is not a person. Then a person is not my computer. You are a person. Then you cannot be my computer.

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"Compare the technological development in first and third world countries" is an example of a sentence with compare in it.

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persistence in real world situations.

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Sorry, we can't do diagrams. I would suggest you visit the library and look at an atlas. -That is a book of maps of all countries in the world.