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Treat the "plus positive X" as "minus negative X".


Positive two plus positive two equals positive four.

Positive two minus negative two equals positive four.

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Q: How can you use subtraction to complete an addition problem?
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How do you use greatest common factor with addition and subtraction of fractions?

You don't. You use the GCF to reduce the answer once the addition or subtraction is complete.

What does the variable represent in an addition or subtraction expression?

it is the number you would use to solve the problem

How do you decide what operation you use to solve a problem?

Use BIDMAS meaning order of operations are brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction

Explain how you know to use a variable in an addition or subtraction expression?

that we can use it

When should you use PIMDAS in math?

It is the order of operations involving a mathematical problem which includes brackets, indices, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Which mathematical operation can you use?

Addition SubtractionMultiplicationSubtractionEtc.

Why would you use addition to solve a subtraction equation?

because you undo the operation in the equation= to undo subtraction you add

Use addition in a sentence?

In addition to his response I vote yes. or I like addition better than subtraction.

In addition use in sentence?

In addition to his response I vote yes. or I like addition better than subtraction.

What kind of math do investment bankers use?

they use addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication

What type of math does a CPA use?

Basic addition and subtraction mostly.

How math is use in football?

Gaining and losing yards is addition and subtraction.

How is addition and subtraction related?

They both include number and they use your head

Why can you use addition to check your subtraction?

Addition is the opposite of subtraction. For example, 24 - 9 = 15. If you want to check your answer, add 9 + 15. It equals 24, so your answer is correct.

What is the answer to a subtraction problem that teaches use?


Are real numbers closed under addition and subtraction?

Real numbers are closed under addition and subtraction. To get a number outside the real number system you would have to use square root.

What is the function in Microsoft Excel for subtraction?

There is no specific function in Excel for subtraction, like SUM for addition. We use the minus sign instead.

What is the use of number line?

It shows multiple numbers in order to use in addition, subtraction, etc.

What do order of operations means explain?

Order of Operations is like when you have a problem i always use PEMDAS it means parenthesis, expoents, mulitipication, divide, addition, Subtraction follow it.

How can you use symbols to write addition and subtraction equations?

to come up with the total

How did the ancient egypitans use math?

The ancient Egyptians use math by addition subtraction multiption and divion

What is the rule you use to determine the number of significant figures in the results of addition and subtraction?

The least number of significant figures in any number of the problem determines the number of significant figures in the answer.

What century did mathematicians first use a addition and subtraction?

The addition symbol was first used in 1544 by Michael Stiple. I do not know when the subtraction sign was first used, I'm still trying to find that out myself!

How can you teach addition and subtraction in a fun way?

You can use candy such as jellybeans or gummy bears.

What does stratergy means?

it is called strategy and it means what you use as in multiplication,division,addition,and subtraction.