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A linear equation in two variables will give an infinite number of solutions. These will comprise the coordinates of points along a straight line in 2-dimensional space.

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How do you solve word problems using variables?

Use a variable to represent the unknown. 'Translate' the words to math symbols and write an equation to solve. Solve the equation. Check.

How does writing equivalent equations help you solve a system of equations?

You can write an equivalent equation from a selected equation in the system of equations to isolate a variable. You can then take that variable and substitute it into the other equations. Then you will have a system of equations with one less equation and one less variable and it will be simpler to solve.

What do the variable stand for write an equation and solve for this problem a sewing project requires material costing 44 plus soe tassels. if the material and tassles are to be purchased with fo?

how can you specify what the variable stand for, write and equation, and solve this problem. a sewing project requires material costing $44 plus some tassels. if the material and tassels are to be purchased with four $20 bills, how many tassels can be purchased if they cost $2.40 each?

What step should you do before you write an equation to solve a word problem?

you shall add

How do you solve 3n equals 36?

3n=36 Write the equation n=12 Divide each side of the equation by 3 to get the variable alone.

What are the steps when formulating an equation?

Read the problem. Write each fact as a variable expression. Write each fact as a sentence.

What do you need to write in order to calculate things?

You do not need to write anything to calculate things mentally.

Write an equation to solve this problem what number is 25 percent of 4?

4 x .25 = 1

Using x as the variable write the equation or inequality that would correctly solve this problem A savings account increased by 75 is now more than 500 What is the least amount of money that w?

x + 75 = 501

How would you solve a 1 step equation?

I would gingerly perform the step, write the solution,and go on to the next problem.

Solve 3w plus 2 20 can you write a real word problem that this equation represents?

Without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation

What 2 number multiply to 800 and add to get -70?

Instead of just giving you the answer, I'll tell you how to solve the problem. To solve this problem, write two equations. Let one variable be x and the other y. Then you can say: xy = 800 x + y = -70 Isolate x + y = -70 for y and you get y = -70-x Then plug it back into the first equation, solve for x and plug your answer into the second equation to solve for y. Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions :)

An example of a problem that needs to be solved?

write and solve an equation to find the value of x. 8x plus 35 and then 14x-7

What steps would you take to write an equation in function form?

1) Solve the equation for the desired variable. 2) Write it in function notation. For example, if y = 2x + 3, it is already solved for "y"; just rewrite it as f(x) = 2x + 3.

How can you write an equation in two variables to solve a problem?

If there are two variables, you'll usually need two equations in the two variables, to be able to find a specific solution. How you write the equation depends on the specific problem. In general, it requires some practice, to be able to convert a word problem into mathematical equations.

Write a problom that can be solved by making a table and using a pattern Then solve the problem?

You can draw a flowchart of solving a particular problem and then write a program to solve that problem.

How do you do math applications?

find the variable(s). then write the equation(s). finally simplify the equation(s)

How do you do the math narrative?

whatever the equation is write the equation in words then solve each step in a sentence.

What is the answer to an equation problem?

you have to write down the equation first so people can answer it

When 24 is added to a number the result is the same as when the number is multiplied by 3. What is the number?


Write and solve an equation to find the value of the variable 104 137 154 x mean 130?

An equation to find the value of the variable 104, 137, 154 and x with a mean of 130 is: (104 + 137 + 154 + x)/4 = 130 395 + x = 130 * 4 x = 145.

Two numbers have a product of 20 and a sum of 9?

To solve this question use a two variable system of equations. First assign a variable to each number: a=first number b=second number Then use the information in the problem to write two equations They have a product of 20 translates to: a x b =20 They have a sum of 9 translates to: a + b =9 Use the method of substitution. Isolate one variable in the 1st equation: a= 20/b Plug it into the 2nd equation: (20/b) + b = 9 Solve for b: b = 5 Now put b back into the 2nd equation: a + 5=9 Solve for a: a = 4 So the solution is 4 and 5.

What are the five steps of the logical plan used in solving word problems?

The answer is....... 1. read the problem 2. determine the unknowns and represent them 3. write an equation 4. solve the equation 5. answer the question

How do you figure out the difference between 5 times a number and 3 is 12?

You write it as an equation, and then solve the equation.

How do you you do math?

1.) write down question 2.) cry. 1) Read the question through until you understand it 2) Find out what it asking you to solve for 3) Write down what is given like equations, variables, constant like pi. ...etc 4) Write down what your solving for. 5) Setup your solution to the problem by doing the following : A) Write : " Given:" B) what equation you are using to solve it C) any constant like pi, e, 10^...etc D) what you are solving for. E) Write: "Step 1:" 5) Write down your equation, you are using to solve it. 6) Do you have to rearrange the equation to get what you are solving for? If so than do it. Show it in step 1 and use it instead of other Write out what math operation you are using to solve it in each of the step by step operation When you finally get your answer for it, do a proof or check for it. Write : " Proof or check" Write down the original equation Replace the found variable with the answer you got for Do the step by step operation and writing down what math operation you are using. If it equals than write : "It checks and equals ". If not - Backtrack to find your error, correct it, redo the proof again until it equals Move on to the next problem.