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Lert's start with the easy bit

Eleven thousand = ... 11,000

Eleven hundred = ....... 1,100

Eleven = ..................... 0,011


adding those together we get 12,111

Twelve thousand one hundred and eleven is the same as eleven thousand, eleven hundred and eleven
In decimal, 1111.

Improved question and answer:

Do you mean eleven thousand plus eleven hundred plus eleven?

If so it is: 12111 (twelve thousand one hundred and eleven)
You cannot.

Eleven thousand = 11,000

Eleven hundred = 1,100

So that "eleven thousand eleven hundred" is irrational.

If you add eleven thousand and eleven hundred then the result is pronounced as "Twelve thousand one hundred.

What you have written is the equivalent of 12,111
=== === If I am to understand this question correctly, a "lakh" in India is the equivalent (or same) as 100,000 in numerical English. If this is the case the numerical value of the written expression in this question would be the sum of it's part: Eleven Lakh = 1,100,000 (or 100,000 * 11) Eleven Thousand = 11,000 (or 1,000 * 11) Eleven Hundred = 1,100 (or 100 * 11) Eleven = 11 Total = 1,112,111 : as expressed above, but with commas inserted as traditional numerical breaks. I thought it might help you to understand the answer better if you could see the equation broken down into it's common components.
if you mean 1111 then it is MCXI

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Q: How can you write eleven thousand eleven hundred and eleven?
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