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Find a way to burn the waste without releasing chemicals

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Q: How could science and technology be used to solve all or part of a human problem?
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How are the goal of science and technology different?

Technology is a way of changing the natural world to meet human needs to solve a problem.

How are the goals of science and technology different?

Technology is a way of changing the natural world to meet human needs to solve a problem.

How is technology useful in science?

All human activities involve many technologies. Without these technologies we could do nothing useful.. Science is a human activity.

What are the relationships of science and technology?

science and technology affect human beings and their way of life

During the Renaissance time from 1400s to 1600s what advancements were there in science or technology?

Yes, because animals was science and vaccine or medicine was technology. Technology is something that solves a problem vaccine is technology because it solves the problem of being sick. Science is something with also kinda solving a problem but with nature and human beings such as us so ya. Yes renaissance time from 1400's to 1600'sis advancements were there in science or technology

What are the impacts of science and technology in human values?

There have been many impacts of science and technology in human values. Humans value communication for example and technology helps with that.

Is a human leg prosthesis an example of science or technology?

A technology, since the actual prosthesis is a human creation that solves a problem. Science is nothing physical. It is the combination of laws and theories that explain our universe and helps us make decisions. We don't really invent science, we describe it. Science is ideas. Technology is human creations. Science generally underpins all new technology. In your human leg prosthesis example science is crucial in choosing (or developing) suitable materials for construction of the prosthesis. The material must be relatively stable, not break down into toxic substances and have good durability. Knowledge of human biology is also important if you want to start replacing human body parts. Basically chemistry and biology are important in the prosthesis development. There is also probably physics regarding tensile strength requirements. The actual end result of the human prosthesis is a technology which solves a problem of degraded human parts. So to reiterate, it is a technology.

How science and technology human life?

In my opinion technology and sciences are the same thing

What application of science is to meet human needs?


What are latest science research topics on science laboratory technology?

human subject

Science and technology a curse or blessing to human lifewhat is your opinion?

Science and technology are a blessing to human life. Without science and technology human life would not move forward or evolve. We would not learn or know anything about medicine or be able to learn new things.

Is a human leg prothesis an example of technology or science?

Both. Technology for the manufacturing of the prosthetic, science for the knowledge of how it should work.

The application of science to meet human need is referred to as?


What come first to human curiosity science or technology?

I would say they come to us in exactly that order: Curiosity, Science, Technology..

How do science and technology influence ourlives?

Science and technology have influenced human lives a lot. Science was discovered not in the 18th or 19th century, but from stone age itself.

Impact of Science and technology on human life?

The impact of Science and Technology on human life is huge. Everything around us is a product of scientific advancements. We can now live much longer than before and have been able to fight of many diseases that we never could. Science and technology is constantly improving our lives and brings forth many advancements every year.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of science and technology in human?

Science and technology has raised the living standards and life expectancy of human beings. It is however responsible for pollution and other forms of environmental degradation.

Can you give me a research problem related to health?

There are many research topics you could do, it depends on what area you would like to do it on: human and ethics, medical technology, etc. if you were doing human ethics you could do organ donation, human cloning, abortion etc. or if you wanted to do medical technology you could do MRI. Hope this helped :) how about if its related to health in nursing? any research problem you want to give?

Is a human leg prosthesis an example of science or technology explain?

Science helped to invent and improve it but the actual leg prosthesis would be considered technology.

How science technology affect our life's?

Without science and technology human would still be living in the stone age. Science, the logical thinking made humans develop technology that has shaped human evolution. Humans have used science and technology to make life better, faster, safer and far more comfortable. Every day we progress more and more.

What is the relevance of physics and technology to the future?

Throughout Human History, Physics (Nature Science) and Technology are the keys to the future. Physics and technology understand and manage the environment to secure Human futures or destroy Human futures.

Why science and technology necessary to the human beings for their existence?

we need science and technology because if we don't have them we would be bored. It is used for fun like mp3, phones etc.

What has the author R W Jackson written?

R. W. Jackson has written: 'Background studies in science policy' -- subject(s): Research, Science and state 'Human goals and science policy' -- subject(s): Science, Science and state, Social aspects of Science, Social aspects of Technology, Technology, Technology and state

Why is economics related to science?

Because economics deals with human problem.

What does technology mean in science terms?

Technology is the scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry for example in designing new machines The first definition of technology was:Technology is the use of knowledge skills and resources to meet human needs and to solve problems.And Science is the study of physical earth.So technology in science could mean that one physical element if atom can used to prevent another if it is harmful.e.g