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how is decimeter and kilometer related?

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Is a decimeter and a kilometer related?

Yes. K H D M D C M. All metric. Kilometer. Hectometer decimeter. Meter. Decameter centimeter metremeter. ?

What does a kilometer and decimeter have in common?

a kilometer is 1000 metres and a decimeter is one tenth of a metre

How is decimeter and kilometer related?

1 to 100000 ratio 1 dm in 100000 km

Is decimeter or kilometer larger?

A decimeter is one tenth of one meter. A kilometer is 1000 meters.

Why are decimeter and kilometer related?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 km=10000 dm

What is more decimeter or kilometer?

1 kilometer = 10 000 decimeters, hence the kilometer is bigger.

What is the symbol for decimeter?

decimeter = dm centimeter = cm meter = m kilometer = km

How many decimeter in one kilometre?

1000 metres make a kilometer and 10 decimeter make a meter. so 10000 decimeters make a kilometer.

How many km are in a dm?

1 decimeter = 0.0001 kilometer 1 kilometer = 10000 decimeters

How many kilometers make up a decimeter?

A decimeter is 1/10 of a meter, so it is 1/10,000 of a kilometer

How many decimeter are there in one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 10,000 decimeters 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters 1 meter = 10 decimeters

What is the mertic unit for length?


Is a decimeter a metric unit of capacity?

decimeter is not related to capacity, it is in length.

How is a decimeter and a kilometer alike?

A decimetre and a kilometre are both metric units of measurement.

What are the metric lengths?

Kilometer, Hectometer, Decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, milimeter

Is bigger decimeters or kilometers?

A kilometer is 10,000 times bigger than a decimeter.

How many cubic decimeters are in a cubic kilometer?

1 cubic kilometer = 1 000 000 000 000 cubic decimeter

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