How did Simon Stevin die?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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They are unsure of how Simon died because there was little recorded from his life. They are uncertain what and where he died too.

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Q: How did Simon Stevin die?
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When was Simon Stevin was born?

Simon Stevin (1548/49 - 1620)

Who is Stevin Simon?

Simon was a mathematician, engineer, and good at science.

What is a quote by Simon stevin?

A man in anger is no clever dissembler.

What did Simon Stevin contribute to the mathematical world?

He invented decimals

What is Simon Stevin's lifespan?

His lifespan was 72 years: from 1548 to 1620.

Who first extended decimal places to the right in 1585?

Simon Stevin

What country invented the decimal point?

A mathematician named Simon Stevin invented the decimal point in the late 1500s. Stevin was from the Flemish population of Belgium.

Did any event happen when simon stevin was alive?

yes facebook was created

What did Simon stevin do in the 1400s?

Simon Stevin very little in the 1400's. He wasn't born until 1548. In the 1580's he was a noted mathematician, and is credited with 'inventing'/standardizing the use of decimal numbers in calculation. He died in 1620.

Where did simon stevin live?

Simon Steven lived in Bruges, Flanders, or Belgium. Much of his life was undocumented, meaning that it is unknown, except for the fact that he was born in and mainly worked in Bruges.

When was Stevin Smith born?

Stevin Smith was born on 1972-01-24.

How tall is Stevin Knight?

Stevin Knight is 5' 10 1/2".