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Jefferson claimed that a civilized nation that was both ignorant and free "never was and never will be".

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Q: How did Thomas Jefferson view education?
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How did Thomas Jefferson view the French Revolution?


How did Thomas Jefferson view the Whiskey Rebellion?

he didnt

What interest did Thomas Jefferson have?

law, education, philosophy

Where did Thomas Jefferson get his education?

William and Mary college

WHAT WAS Thomas Jefferson secondary education?

st.edrward school

How did Thomas Jefferson view slavery?

Thomas Jefferson was definitely for using and having slaves. In fact he had many slaves himself.

What level of education did Thomas Jefferson obtain?

Thomas Jefferson graduated from the William and Mary College of Law with a degree as a lawyer.

What are the release dates for Thomas Jefferson A View from the Mountain - 1995 TV?

Thomas Jefferson A View from the Mountain - 1995 TV was released on: USA: 26 May 1995

Thomas Jefferson did not hold what view?

The separation of church and state.

What were the Political view of Thomas Jefferson?

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Which citizens were considered eligible for office holding in Jefferson?

In Jefferson's view, the educated elite should be the ones to hold office. He also believed in education for everyone. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd U.S. President.

Which reformer promoted free public education?

Thomas Jefferson.

Who believed public education was essential for democracy?

Thomas jefferson

How did Thomas Jefferson view people?

He had quite a negative view of people speaking that he studied law.

Why did Thomas Jefferson think education was important?

Thomas Jefferson felt education was important because it was the tool that would promote the growth of concepts such as liberty and freedom. He also felt education would teach citizens how to be responsible citizens.

Who wrote a summary view of the rights of British America?

Thomas Jefferson

Wrote a summary view of the rights of British America?

Thomas Jefferson

What was thomas Jefferson interpretation of the constitution?

His interpretation was a strict view of the constitution.

What event challenged thomas Jefferson view of the constitution?

louisiana purchase

What is Thomas Jefferson point of view toward human nature?

its a girl

What kind of education did Thomas Jefferson have?

Jefferson attended and graduated from the college of Maryhe alos needsa a shower

What has the author Jennings L Wagoner written?

Jennings L. Wagoner has written: 'Jefferson and education' 'Thomas Jefferson and the education of a new nation' -- subject(s): Education, History

What were the greatest influences to American education?

Thomas Jefferson Noah Webster

What did Thomas Jefferson believe was the key to a better informed electorate?


Was Thomas Jefferson have good education?

he learn by reading and going to school