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They built small camps.

Early New York settlers survived a nd managed by themselves by building little camps and gathering food.

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Q: How did early New York settlers provide for themselves?
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Who were the early settlers in new york?

immigrants from uk and american indians

Where did the early settlers of New York come from?

From Holland and France mostly.

Why did early settlers settle in New York?

Because New york had short warm winters and fertile soil

Where did most settlers live in New York?

Early on, the biggest settlements were in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany and Saugerties.

What types of homes did early settlers live in in colonial New York?

Answer mansions the size of earth bungalow style.

What was the most prominent group early in Pennsylvania?

The Dutch. They were the earliest settlers and founded present-day New York.

How did the colony of New York begin?

New York City was originally settled by the Dutch, and was called New Amsterdam. The early settlers were engaged in the fur trade.

What mountain range that runs from georgia to new york made it difficult for early settlers to move west?

the appellation mountains

What was the earlier name of New York?

In the early days of the European settlers, the Southern areas of Manhattan Island was named New Amsterdam by Dutch settlers. It was when the British took control of the city and the Dutch settlements around it that it was given the name New York - in recognition of the Duke of York and following the name of the British city of York.

Who were the earliest settlers in New York state?

the earliest settlers in New York state was Adam sandler

What were the dscriptions of new york before the settlers came?

describe new york before settlers came

Where did the settlers from New York come from and why?

The New York settlers came from all over Europe in hopes for a better life.

What native Americans lived in New York city when Europeans discovered it?

New York wasn't around as a city when the early settlers arrived. It took some time before there was a town established there.

Where were the settlers of New York from?


What religions were the settlers of New York?

New York Settlers ReligionThey were either Puritans, Quakers, Protestants, or Lutheran And also Morgans

What religion were the New York settlers?

New York Settlers ReligionThey were either Puritans, Quakers, Protestants, or Lutheran And also Morgans

How did the dutch settlers originally name New York city?


Why did the settlers come to colonial New York?

Some for adventure. All sought a better future for themselves and their family. A few saw a chance to start life over.

What did the duke of york promise his settlers?


Where were the first settlers of New York from?


Who were the initial settlers of New York?

The Dutch.

Who were the 1st settlers of New York?


What state had settlers from the Netherlands?

New York.

What did the New York settlers wear?


Who first settled in New York?

No, the Dutch were the first settlers of New York.