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The southern plantations needed workers and the only answer was black slaves.

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In 1440 a Portugese slave ship bringing Africans to Mexico was attacked by pirates in the Carribean. The pirates then took these slaves to Jamestown Virginia and traded 20 of them for provisions.

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Q: How did slavery get started in the colonies?
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When did slavery replace indentured servitude in the colonies as time went on?

Slavery arrived in the colonies in 1619 so the colonies started with slavery.

Why did slavery start in the colonies?

Slavery started in the colonies because of the need for cheap labor. The colonies needed people to work on the cotton farms. It existed before the colonies ever were. it did not begin in the colonies..

How old was George Washington when slavery started?

George Washington wasn't born yet when slavery started. Slavery started in the American colonies in 1620 and George was born in 1732. Slavery in general has existed for millennia.

Were the Southern colonies friendly?

No. The southerns were the ones who started slavery where as the north prohibited it. The southern started slavery especially around the Civil War.

Was there much slavery in the middle colonies?

there was no slavery at all in the middle colonies actually they didnt believe in slavery, the southern colonies were the colonies that had the slaves

Did middle colonies have slavery?

Yes, the middle colonies did have slavery, but of course all colonies had slavery at one point or the other.

Which one of the original 13 colonies banned slavery in the US when it was first started?

mississippi in 2004

Was there slavery in the northern colonies?

No, only in the south colonies. The north colonies were against slavery. There were few in the north colonies.

In the northern colonies slavery was?

No, only in the south colonies. The north colonies were against slavery. There were few in the north colonies.

Slavery of blacks in the British colonies was what?

Slavery of blacks in the British colonies was?

When did slavery start in the south?

Slavery started when the colonies were first set-up, but the south just refused to stop using them, which brought about the civil war...

Where did slavery take place in the US?

In the 1700's slavery was widespread across the 13 colonies, it then condensed into the Southern states as the 1800's started.

How did the southern colonies feel about slavery?

The southern colonies believed that slavery was okay.

When did slavery start in north America?

Virginia was the first English colony to import slaves from Africa in 1619, but in the Spanish colonies in Mexico, slavery started in the 1560s.

Did the New England colonies use slavery?

no slavery was involved in the middle and southern colonies

Who owned most of the land in the southern colonies?

plantation owners took over most of the land and then slavery started.

When did slavery exist in all 13 colonies?

Slavery did not exist for very long in all 13 colonies. Slavery only existed in all 13 colonies at the very beginning when slavery was first introduced.

Was there slavery in the southern colonies?

yes, slavery was allowed in the southern colonies. Most slaves came from the north east coast of Africa

Why was slavery more prominent in the southern colonies?

BEcause they believed in slavery unlike the middle colonies and the new england colonies

What type of colonies were the southern colonies?


Who brought slavery to the colonies?

The South Colonies. :)

Was slavery legal in the colonies?

Slavery was legal in the colonies. Most of the slaves in the colonies came from the Caribbean. They were brought over to the colonies when they needed help with labor.

When was slavery finally abolished in french colonies?

Slavery was finally abolished in French colonies in 1848

What was slavery like in the southern colonies?

The southern colonies thought that slavery was okay. They had the most slaves out of the 3 colonies because they had more farmland.

In which colonies was slavery allowed?

The "plantation colonies" allowed slavery. Those colonies were Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and georgia.