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The Founding Fathers used debate and compromise to solve problems at the Constitutional Convention. The convention was held in 1787.

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Q: How did the Founding Fathers solve the problems at the convention?
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What was the philidelphia convention?

The purpose was to discuss and solve the problems of the federal gov't of that era.

What was their main focus in the constitution?

The main focus of the constitution was the organization of the government. The founding fathers recognized the need for a congress to make decisions that, unlike the Articles of Confederation, did not need to be unamious. They also saw the need to solve problems that existed between the states. Then there was the need for an administration that would remain in operation and functioning when congress was not in session. The founding fathers set up the constitution so the administration would function under the leadership of congress. It is still possible. It just has not happened for 214 years.

What spurred the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention was proposed by the Annapolis Convention, which concluded that it could not solve the economic problems on its agenda without revising the Articles of Confederation. Shays's Rebellion then provided a dramatic example of the dangers that could arise from the impotence of the Federal Government.

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