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Total surface area of a cylinder in square units = (2*pi*radius2)+(2*pi*radius*height)

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Q: How did we come up with the formula for surface area of a cylinder?
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Where did the trapezoid area formula come from?

from a pyramid

What is the formula to find the surface area of a tent?

There is no simple formula since tents come in all shapes and sizes. Divide the tens up into coherent shapes, calculate the area of each shape using the appropriate formula for a rectangle, trapezium, triangle or whatever and add the results together.

Where did surface area come from?

Surface area was not invented as its a natural phenomena. However, surface area can be derived mathematically from calculating how much of an object, molecule, and so on are exposed. The contact surface of a flat square of 1-centimeter sides would have a surface area of 1-square cm for example. Understanding the implications of surface area is critical to scientific and engineering disciplines.

What is the surface area of a juice box?

Because juice boxes come in all shapes and sizes, you would need to know the measurements of each side to calculate the surface area. The formula to do this is: 2(lw+lh+wh) unless the juice box is a shape other than a rectangular prism.

What is the surface area of the earth and how do you come up with the surface area?

Lets pretend that the Earth is a perfect sphere. Surface area of a sphere = 4(pi)(radius)^2. The radius of earth is 6378.1 km. Plug that into your equation and you'll get your answer.

What does the math formula area times length times width mean?

that is how you come across with the whole size of the area.

How could you determine the area of a shape without a formula for a composite figure?

A person cannot determine the area of a shape without a formula for a composite figure. A formula must always be implemented in order to properly come with an equation.

What is a pit in a tooth?

an area on the occlusal surface of the teeth where the grooves come together or the fissures cross

How many water liters in a 1' height x 3 diameter cylinder?

First convert feet to decimeters. Then use the formula for the volume of a cylinder. The answer will come out in square decimeters, which is the same as liters.

How does surface area to volume affect heat loss?

the larger the surface area, the faster the heat loss, because then there would be more area for the heat to come from. Like compare a thin sheet of ice to an ice cube of the same mass, the sheet would melt first, because it has a larger surface area

How does the surface area of a parachute affect the speed it falls at?

The surface area of a parachute can be different sizes and weights. If the surface is smooth then the you will fall faster because the texture is smooth and the air will slip by it. if it is rough then it will be slower because the the air will come into the parachute slower.

Where does pi r squard come from?

Pi r squared comes from the formula to find the area of a circle.

What occurs when winds blowing across the ocean's surface push water away from an area causing subsurface water to come up from beneath the surface to replace the diverging surface water?


What is the surface area of a pyramid with lengths of 11?

Pyramids come in different shapes. It all depends on the shape of your pyramid.

Why do whales come to the surface?

Their come to the surface to breath through their blow hole.

Do Toyota Avalon come in 4 cylinder?

No,but it comes in 6 cylinder,I think.

What is the surface area of the rectangular prism?

wish i knew * * * * * If you know the length, breadth and height of the rectangular prism, your wish is about to come true: The surface area is 2*(L*B + B*H + H*L) square units.

How would you find the surface area of a rectangular prism?

To find the surface area of a rectangular prism, one would multiply the length by its width by its height. So, Surface Area = b x w x h. This equation would probably come up in a Google search, as any similar equations you may need would.

Are the suns rays concentrated over a smaller surface area in the winter?

No, as THE area you live in turns away from THE sun it becomes winter and the suns Ray's then come in from an angle and it needs to warm a larger surface with THE Same amount of solar Ray's.

Do Nissan Maximas come in 4 cylinder?


Does a honda civic come with 6 cylinder?


Does the Chrysler 300 come in 4 cylinder?


What is used to find area of an irregular object?

A water displacement test. You take a graduated cylinder full of water and read how many mL you have. Then you place the object in the graduated cylinder and read how much the water has risen. You subtract your first value from the value with the object in the cylinder. The amount you then come up with is the area in mL. This can be converted to cm cubed since they are equal.

How do you move a gas cylinder?

It depends on the size of the gas cylinder - they come in a variety of sizes and weights.

What is the formula for a cube when volume is given?

There's no such thing as the "formula for a cube". There are formulae for the surface area, the volume, and the length of the cube's sides, in terms of each other. There are also formulae for the number of edges, the number of vertices, and the number of faces of a cube, in terms of its definition. That's at least six different formulae that come along with a cube. Which quantity are you looking for ?