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A circular fountain at a park has a radius of 4ft. The mayor wants to build a fountain that is quadruple the size of the current fountain . Find the length of the radius of a new fountain?

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What is the radius of a circle with a 8ft diameter?

Its radius is: 8/2 = 4ft

What is the circumference of a circle with the radius of 4ft?


Why does the volume quadruple when the radius of a cylinder is doubled?

The volume is Base x height; the Base area is the same as the formula for a circle - which is proportional to the square of the radius. For example, if you double the radius (or the diameter, or the circumference) of a circle, its area will quadruple.

A conical tent has a radius of 4.1m and a height of 10.4m doubling which dimension will quadruple the volume of the tent?


Which change will quadruple the lateral surface area of a cone?

Quadrupling the base radius will do that.

What happens to the area of a circle when the radius is doubled tripled?

The area increases as the square of the radius (or diameter). So if you double the radius you * 4 (quadruple) the area. Treble the radius, you *9 the area.

What is the area of an equilateral triangle with a radius of 4ft?

The area is 9.2376 square feet.

What is the surface are of a cylinder with a height of 4ft and radius of 6ft?

The surface area of this cylinder is 376.99ft2

What is the surface area of a cylinder with a height of 4ft and radius of 6ft?

The surface area is 377ft2

What is the diameter of a 4ft circle?

The answer depends on whether the 4 foot measure is the radius or the circumference.

If a seven inch pizza cost 4.00 and the price of the 14 inch is proportional to the cost of the seven inch how much would the fourteen inch pizza cost?

The area of the pizza inceases as the square of the radius (or diameter). Assuming the thickness remains the same, then the volume also increases as the square of the radius. So, double radius implies quadruple area implies quadruple cost.

How many gallons of water are there in a pool with a radius of 9ft and a depth of 4ft?

A round pool with a radius of 9 feet and a depth of 4 feet has a capacity of about 7,615 gallons of water.

What is the circumference of a 3.14 circle with the radius of 4ft?

Circumference=2πr=2 xπ x4≈25.13

What does quadruple?

Most quantities can quadruple.

What is a sentence with quadruple?

Quadruple means four-fold, or four times. I now have quadruple the money that I started with.

How do you spell quadruple?

That is the correct spelling of the word "quadruple".

What is acceleration due to gravity on a planet with mass and radius half of the earth?

Half the mass means half the force. However half the Radius means quadruple the force. Meaning the force will be double then the force on earth, and so will the acceleration be.

Is quadruple plate silver valuable?

does quadruple have any silver in it

What is dose quadruple mean?

Quadruple means 4 times

What is the volume of a cube 4 feet length on a side?

4ft*4ft*4ft=64 cubic feet

What is bigger 4ft or 60inches?

60 inches is bigger. 60in = 5ft 48in=4ft

4ft in inches?

4ft to inches is: 12x4= 48inches

Can carbon form quadruple bonds?

carbons cannot have quadruple bonds.

How can you use quadruple in sentence?

To serve 24 people, quadruplethe recipe.

Is 49in greater than 4ft?

yes its 4ft 1 in