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Answer 1When electrical current flows through a wire [or any conductor[, it creates an electromagnetic field which the clamp on Amp meter is disigned to detect and quantify.

The meter loop is hinged and movable in order to open the loop to allow the loop to be placed "around" a single conductor. It is important that the loop be placed around only one conductor as if there is more than one wire conducting, then the fields from multiple wires will interfere with the meters ability to operate.

The meter will have a switch [usually rotary] to change scales, and unless you know the approximate current flowing through the circuit, you should first set the meter to the highest current scale setting, and then switch to lower current scales until the proper one is found.

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Q: How do I use a clamp on amp meter?
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How you can measure amps?

If possible, use an in-line amp meter. If that's not practical, use a clamp amp meter.

When would you use a clamp on amp meter?

You would use a clamp on amp meter for measuring the electrical current of an outlet or wire. The clamp allows the meter to get an accurate reading without the user having to worry about the meter moving around too much.

What is the sign for amp on a volt clamp meter?


What do electricians use to test circuits?

Continuity tester, volt meter, clamp on amp meter, megger and ohm meter.

What do you use a amp meter for?

To measure current in a circuit. The meter needs to be inserted in series with the source or a clamp on meter has to be used on a single wire.

How do you test amps in a circuit?

An amp meter can be added in series with the circuit which is difficult in most circumstances of with a clamp on amp meter which is much simpler. A clamp on amp meter measures the magnetic field that surrounds the conductor and converts its strength into a current readout.

How do electricians check current flow in a circuit?

For AC circuits, amperage is checked with a clamp on amp meter. There is now in the market place a clamp on amp meter that will work on both AC and DC circuits.

How do you measure dc amps?

Amp measurement in a dc circuit is commonly done by use of a clamp on amp meter. The meter has a loop on one end that opens up. The loop is clamped around a wire, and the meter shows the amperage.

How an amperage reading would be taken using a clamp-on?

Simply "clamp-on" the clamp of the amp meter to any electrical conductor supplying the equipment that you wish to check while it is in operation. It is better to use your clamp-on with each individual conductor one at a time.

How do you measure amps on a 208V single phase circuit with a clamp on amp meter?

Clamp the meter around the energized conductor that is connected to the load to be measured and read the amperage off of the dial face of the meter.

How-to use the clamp-on meter Model GCM-600?

how to use the Clamp-On Meter Model GCM-600 to find the current of a DC power?

How do you measure voltage resistance and amperage in a circuit?

With an instrument called a multimeter. The single meter incorporates within it a volt meter, an ohm meter and an amp meter. For higher amperages a clamp on amp meter is recommended as the circuit does not have to be opened to take a reading.

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