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Q: How do I write a c program only using getchar and putchar to have it work like a basic calculator?
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What is the purpose of a getchar function?

The getchar() function gets a single character from stdin. Here is a very basic example: #include <stdio.h> int main() { char ch; do { ch = getchar(); putchar(ch); } while (ch != ';'); return 0; } It reads from data you input and prints it again of the screen after you press key. It works until it reaches ";" symbol. The getchar() function is equivalent to getc(stdin).

Road Calculation and settingout Basic program for Casio Calculator fx-880p?

"Road Calculation & setting out" Basic program for Casio Calculator fx-880p.

What is the difference between a basic calculator and a financial calculator?

A basic calculator is for basic math functions and has basic features, versus a financial calculator is designed with features to perform complex financial calculations.

Basic Financial Calculator?

Basic Financial Calculator This basic financial calculator works just like a pocket financial calculator. In addition to the normal calculator arithmetic it can also calculate present value, future value, payments or number of periods.

Write C program using functions to simulate a Calculator with the basic functions - square root and reciprocal?

trytytytytytytytytrf 6 bcvvtgujhy6

How do you program a reverse auto loan calculator in JAVA?

In order to program a reverse auto loan calculator in JAVA, you are going to need a lot of experience with JAVA. There are online tutorials that can help you set up with fundamentals of JAVA so that you will be able to create almost any basic program you want.

Can a Texas instrument graphing calculator also be used as a scientific calculator?

A Texas Instruments graphing calculator can be used as a basic calculator, a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator.

What is the answer to the mathematical sum 1280 x 800?

The answer to the equation 1,280 * 800 is 1,024,000. One can find online calculators which help solve various equations at Free Calculator Online, Basic Calculator, Online Calculator and Basic Calculator.

What type of calculator is used specifically for algebra?

For basic algebra, you can use a calculator with basic functions on it used for arithmetic. If you are trying to solve more complex equations, a scientific calculator will suit you better.

What type of calculator does a CPA use on the job?

A calculator uses a basic calculator on the job. Most types of math done by a CPA are simple basic arithmetic. Occasionally they may need to use more advanced formulas, which can be programmed into a graphic calculator.

What has the author John Smiley written?

John Smiley has written: 'Learn to Program Databases With Visual Basic (Learn to Program)' 'Learn to Program Visual Basic Objects (Learn to Program)' 'Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6' -- subject(s): BASIC (Computer program language), Microsoft Visual BASIC, Visual Basic (Computer program), Visual programming (Computer science), Windows (Computer programs) 'Learn to Program Visual Basic 6 Examples' 'Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic 6 Part 2' 'Learn to Program Visual Basic Examples (Miscellaneous)' -- subject(s): Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows, BASIC (Computer program language)

Where can you find a calculator that divides money?

Division is one of the four basic functions. Any calculator has the ability to do that.

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