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a fraction is already a fraction i don't mean to be mean but you must be super stupid.

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dude, your answering yourself, so your calling yourself stupid.
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Q: How do change a fraction into a fraction?
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Related questions

How can you change a fraction to a decimal?

you can change a fraction to a decimal by dividing the bottom number into the top number.

How do you change 6 percent to a fraction?

To change 6% to a fraction, change it to a decimal, which is 0.06, and then to a fraction, which is 6/100 or 3/50 in simplest terms.

How do you change 0.09 into a fraction?

How to change a decimal fraction to proper fractions,0.09

What is the rate of change in a fraction?

A fraction is a numerical constant. Being a fraction does not alter that. And, as a constant, its rate of change is precisely zero.

How do you change 0.56 into a fraction in simplest form?

To change 0.56 into a fraction, write it as a fraction and then simplify the fraction: 0.56 = 56/100 = 14/25

How do you change fraction to ratio?

A fraction is a ratio

How do you change 0.28 as a fraction?

what is 0.28 as a fraction

How do you change fraction to a mixed number?

You do the numerator divided by the denominator, then simplify the fractions if you can. (this is how you change a improper fraction to a mixed number, you cannot change a proper fraction to a mixed number)

How do you change a negative fraction to a positive Fraction?

You could multiply the fraction by -1.

How do you change an improper fraction into an improper fraction?

Add the letter "n" after the first article. That is, change "a" to "an".

How do you change a proper fraction to a mixed number?

I don't think you can but, you can change an improper fraction to a decimal.

How do you change a proper fraction into decimal?

To change a proper fraction into a decimal, divide the denominator into the numerator.

How do you change 9 into a fraction?

you really cant change nine to a fraction at least thats what I know

How do you change improper fraction to a proper fraction?

You cannot.

Why do you have to change similar fraction to dissimilar fraction?

You don't.

Is it possible to change an improper fraction to proper fraction?


How do you change fractions to decimals on graphing calculator?

Hit MATH and then 1 to change from decimal to fraction or 2 to change from fraction to decimal

How do you change 2.3 as a fraction?

2.3 as a fraction would be as an improper fraction is 23/10

How do you change 50to a fraction?

50 is an integer, not a fraction. So it cannot be changed to a fraction.

How do you change 0.016 into a fraction?

You change 0.016 into a fraction by placing 16 over 1,000 as in 16/1000.

Change 23.5 into a fraction?

23.5 as a fraction is 47/2

Change 2.9 into a fraction?

2.9 into a fraction = 29/10

How do you change 32 to a fraction?

32 to a fraction= 32/1

How do you change 8333 as a fraction?

8333 as a fraction = 8333/1

How do you change 2.4 as a fraction?

2.4 as a fraction = 24/10