How do compiste vocanows from?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: How do compiste vocanows from?
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Is 135 compiste or prime?


Is 3235 compiste or prime?


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Is 13 a compiste?

No, it's a prime number

Is 28 compiste?

Yes, 28 is composite.

Is 73 prime or compiste?

73 is a Prime Number

Is 420 a prime or compiste?

420 is a composite, as are ALL even numbers - with the exception of the number 2.

Is 87 prime or compiste?

87 is a composite number made up of the primes 3 and 29.

What is a compiste number between 40 and 50?

a comsite number between 40 and 50 is 49:)

What is the sum of a prime and compiste number that equal 13 what are two numbers?

10 and 3 8 and 5 7 and 6