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A digital alarm clock uses electronic means to keep accurate time. When the user sets the alarm to a certain time, the clock contains a speaker that sounds an alarm at that time.

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Q: How do digital alarm clocks work?
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What metals are in alarm clocks?

digital alarm clocks have copper but analog clocks depend on who made it

Non-digital alarm clocks?

Analogue Alarm Clock.

How many digital alarm clocks are there?


How do you turn off a wind up alarm clock?

Wind up alarm clocks have a switch on the back to turn the alarm off. A wind up alarm clock does not have a snooze button like most digital alarm clocks.

How can you find more information about digital alarm clocks?

Information on digital alarm clocks can be found on multiple websites that sell them including Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many many others.

How do alarm clocks work?

Check out the related link below on how an alarm clock works .

Where can one purchase a digital alarm clock with radio?

One can purchase a digital alarm clock with a radio from many stores. Walmart, Brookstone, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target sell digital alarm clocks with radios.

What other kinds of alarm clocks can be sold at Brookstone?

Brookstone sells self-setting alarm clocks, self-setting alarm clocks with radios, and LCD display alarm clocks with larger numbers. They also sell innovative alarm clocks such as the Tocky Rolling Alarm Clock.

What plastic are alarm clocks made from?

Plastic alarm clocks are made of plastic.

Why are alarm clocks so important?

Alarm clocks are useful to keep people on track. Uses for alarm clocks or timers - waking up people, used for cooking.

Where could an inexpensive digital alarm clock radio be purchased?

Inexpensive digital alarm clock radios can be purchased at many different places however a very good place to check would be a local Wal Mart store where a digital alarm clocks can be purchased for a variety of prices based on personal preference.

When were digital clocks invented?

digital clocks were made in 1956 the digital clock was invented in 1956, it is the opposite to analogue.

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