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Q: How do do get passed the physuck on route 210?
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How do you past the kecleon on route 210 in Pokemon platinum?

There is no Kecleon on Route 210.

Where do you find Kecleon in Pokemon Diamond on route 210?

you need to have a pokeradar on route 210 which you get when you beat the elite 4

How do you catch bonsly?

You can catch a bonsly on route 210 and route 209

Where is the south part of route 210?

The South part of Route 210 is just North of Solaceon Town. It is considered to be the North part of 210 once you go past the Cafe with the Moomoo Milk.

How do you get hapinny?

you will see hapinny in route 210

Where can you see a trainer with elekid?

on route 210

Houndour on diamond Pokemon?

route 210

What Pokemon are on Route 210 in Diamond and Pearl?

all the Pokemon on route 210 in Pokemon diamond and pearl are ponyta, geodude and if your really lucky you can find onix.

Where is the cafe cabin in Pokemon platinum?

It is on Route 210, the route up from Solaceon town.

Where can you catch tauros in pokemon diamond?

Route 209 and in the southern part of Route 210.

Where to get bogon in platinum route 210?

in cheese doodles

Were is the place were Hippopotas is found - which route?

at night time go out and into route 210 try looking there i checked 1nce but i found one but accidently killed it with dialga (woops?) Try going to Route 210 at night time and searching there.