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Forensic Scientists use calculus to predict behavior and figure the probability and pattern that an unsub is going. Once they find a pattern then they can plot it on a graph. after this they can print it out on a map of all the possible places they have gone and then they will take it and turn it into an equation. From here they study the pattern. After the pattern is completely studied they can figure the equation.

Criminologists don't use math in their experiment. They use science and the way of DNA and LAB experiment's. If you have ever seen CSI these are criminologists.

The BAU uses a similar way as Forensic scientists do. They have a team. This team con sits of someone who is good with debate, someone who is good with aggressiveness and quickness, a math matician, an audio/ visual technician which is someone who can perform background checks and see pretty much what the whole town is doing by the click of a button. Then you need someone who can be very persuasive and who shows leadership. This is a team that can get something done in a length of about 2-3 days...

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Q: How do forensic scientists use calculus?
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