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You can't. Hectares is area, kilometer is distance. You might turn hectares into square kilometers though.

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Q: How do i convert 20 hectares to kilometer?
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Related questions

How many hectares in square kilometer?

There are 100 hectares in a square kilometer.

How many hectares make a kilometer?

a hectare is a unit of area, a kilometer is a unit of distance. The two do not convert into each other.

How do you convert metre to kilometer?

1000 meters in a kilometer (kilo = 1000, works for everything. Grams, liters, hectares, etc)

How many hectares are in a square kilometer?

One square kilometer is 100 hectares.

How any kilometers in 500000 hectares?

a kilometer is a measure of distance, and a hectare is a measure of area. they do not convert.

How many square hectares in a kilometer?

Kilometer is a unit of length, hectares is a unit of area. These don't translate.

How do you convert from hectare to acre?

To convert from hectares to acres, multiply hectares by 2.471.

How many hectares in a square kilometer?


How we convert Kilometer into hectare?

Please restate the question. The question in its current form is not one that can be answered as kilometer is a measurement of length (1000 m = 1 kilometer) whereas hectare is a measurement of area ( 10000 m^2 = 1 hectare ). If the question was proposed as: How many hectares are in an area of a square with sides of 1 kilometer? Answer is 100 hectares.

How many hectares make up a square kilometer?

There are 100 hectares in a square kilometre.

How many hectares in a 2 kilometer by 2 kilometer area?

400 hectare.

How do you convert hectares into decimals?

Divide hectares by 247.1054 approx.Divide hectares by 247.1054 approx.Divide hectares by 247.1054 approx.Divide hectares by 247.1054 approx.

How do you convert hectares to square meters?

Hectares x 10,000 = square meters

How to Convert Hectares to meter squared?

Hectares X 10000 = Square Meters

Convert 83600 sqare km in hectares?

83600km2 converts to 8,360,000 hectares.

How many hectares of the lands of the Philippines?

the hectare is i .0 kilometer

How many hectares is 20 acres?

20 acres equates to about 8.1 hectares.

Is it true that you cnnot convert hectares to kilometers?

Yes, because a hectare is unit area, whereas a kilometer is unit length.Particularly, 1 hectare=10.000 m2.

How many hectares is found in 20 acres?

How many hectares is found in 20 acres?

What is Formula to convert square kilometres to hectares?

(1,000 meters x 1,000 meters) / (10,000 square meters per hectare) = 100 hectares1 square kilometer = 100 hectares1 hectare = 0.01 square kilometer

How many hectares in 200000m2?

200,000m2 equates to 20 hectares.

Convert 2.3 hectares to square feet?

2.3 hectares is 247,570 square feet. (hectares x 107,639 = square feet).

What is the Volume cubic of 1.7 hectares?

Hectares are not a measure of volume, they are a measure of area so you cannot convert a cubic measurement to hectares

What is the land area of 2700 acres convert to in kilometres?

1 sq kilometer is 1000 x 1000 meters = 1 million sq meters = 100 hectares 1 acre is 4840 sq yards = 0.4047 hectare. So 2700 acres = 1092.7 hectares 1092.7 hectares = 10.927 sq kilometers

How many square kilometers are there in hectare?

One square kilometer is 100 hectares.