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You can use the cables provided in the box, and go to Link on most graphing calculators. I'm not sure what calculator you're using though, so I can't be sure. I'm assuming you've either got an interest in programming calculators, or you like to play games.

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Q: How do i transfer a program on my graphing calculator to a friend's calculator?
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What is rand on the graphing calculator and what does it do?

The calculator will run a certain number of random numbers to test a program.

What is the program to play super Mario on a TI-83 graphing calculator?

Mirage OS

How do you get a program off of a graphing calculator?

Usually 2nd Memory... or 2nd Var-Link depending on your model. Then you will see a list you can delete from.

What is the meaning of non programmable calculator?

Most graphing calculators are programmable. The most common ones are the Texas Instruments, which include models 83 and up. Basically any calculator where you can create a program would be a programmable calculator.

Can you use a graphing calculator on a NY Regents Exam?

Graphing calculators are *required* for students taking the Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II/Trig Regents exams. Schools may not require students to purchase their own graphing calculators for these courses: "Under no circumstances should students be charged for a calculator or otherwise required to purchase one in order to participate in an educational program." Graphing calculators are specifically forbidden on the Earth Science, Living Environment, and Chemistry Regents exams. They are permitted on the Physics exam. As required by the state, your graphing calculator has to have its memory cleared before you take the exam. Many schools have a program that will do this automatically, and will clear your calculator before you enter the exam room. Be sure to back up any data onto your computer before the exam.

How do you program the quadratic formula into your calculator?

It all depends on what calculator you use to know how to program the formula into it.

Can i get a calculator?

If you have a computer, you already have the calculator that is part of the computer's program.

Which graphic calculator is best for multiple variable multiple conditional equations?

as a structural engineer, i deal with relatively simple mathematics, but with a high number of variables and assumptions during the design process. i am looking for a handheld calculator which i can program with the different equations i use many times each day. each equation has many variables, and many conditions. the best method of work for me is to use excel spreadsheets which i have built over the years(i use the "if" function and the "vlookup" function all the time) i am not farmiliar with graphing calculators but am looking for a device into which i can program all these equations so i can take it with me to meetings and site visits so that i can evaluate on the spot which graphing calculator will best suit my needs, and what programming language does it use are there any handheld calculators which can be programmed in excel? or in MATLAB?

Which graphing calculator is Better TI or Casio Also which model best for college math?

Texas Instruments graphing calculators are really easy to use and there are a lot of applications and programs available for the TI graphing calculator platforms (TI-83+ family, TI-84+, TI-Nspire, and TI-89 family). Thus, you will be able to easily find a program for your specific class (Calculus, physics, chemistry, etc.) at Texas Instruments app store and also open source program repositories like The TI calculators also are the most commonly used in the more advanced mathematics courses, including Calculus I,II,III, differential equations, etc. because they have all of the features and functions one would need in a easy to use, user-friendly interface. * Also, if you are interested, you can download a software package for your TI graphing calculator to help you improve your score on the SAT test at . It's called the SAT Operating System (SAT_OS) and can be used during the actual test to reduce time on math problems and improve the accuracy of your calculations.

why a calculator is a computer?

it is part of a computer program

How do you get an answer calculated during a program to be displayed on the graphing screen of my calculator?

It depends on the calculator. On a TI-84 or TI-83, you can print text to the graphing screen using :Text(#,#,"jibberish",var,"jibberish",var,var) You can actually switch between constant text and displaying the value of a variable within the same "Text" function. Anything within quotations will show up exactly as you type it between the quotation marks. Separate every switch with a comma like I showed. Anything outside of the quotation marks will display the value of that variable as long as syntax is followed properly.

What are the Example Output of Calculator Program in C plus plus?

example output of c++ calculator