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Because there is much more mass in the full juice bottle making it have more inertia making it harder to pick up.

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Q: How do mass and inertia make it easier to pick up an epmty juice bottle than a full juice bottle?
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How do mass and inertia make it easier to pick up an empty juice bottle and a full juice bottle?

An empty bottle has less mass than a full bottle. This means that the empty bottle has less force to overcome when lifted which corresponds to less work to lift it.

How do mass and inertia make it easier to pick up an empty juice bottle than a full juice bottle?

The principal of inertia merely says that a body will remain ar rest until moved by a force. The force required to lift a bottle has to be equal and opposite to the force of gravity pulling it down which is proportional to its mass. So the more mass in the bottle the more force required to lift it.

What will happen when juice pour in a bottle with water?

Then the bottle contains a dilute juice . . . a mixture of juice and water.

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How come you should not drink out of a orange juice bottle?

If you drink out of a orange juice bottle you can spread icky germs to other people that drink out of that bottle.

If you took a bottle of juice and oil up in space what would happen?

the bottle will float around it wont be still , the oil and juice in the bottle will mixed but they wont be the perfect mixture

A large bottle of juice contains 8 servings. Each serving is 250 ml. What is the total amount of juice in the bottle?

2000 ml

Why is a bottle round?

To keep more juice in it.

A full bottle of juice costs 2.00. If the cost of the juice is 1.50 more than the cost of the bottlehow much does the empty bottle cost?


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Definitely the 2 liter bottle. Because if your weighing up with the binary number system part 320h in guava juice is odd so it has to be the 2 liter bottle.

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