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well some people use coculateors or other use there fingers.

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Q: How do people add sums in maths?
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Where can you find maths sums?

you can find them on the internet or in a book

What is albriga?

I know it is something to do with maths I think it is sums.

What do you use in maths to help you to work out sums?

A calculator

Why math are not happy?

maths is not happy because sometimes the sums can be hard.

How many sums of maths you must do in class 10 for practice?


What is 350 dived by 7 for maths sums?


Sums solution of BCA first year maths?

the S I unit of inductance can be written as

How is the mean calculated?

Add all the sums, then divide by the number of sums. (ie. the average.)

How do you do this maths sums 14 17 50 25 29 85 89 42 20?

You add the first two numbers. Then you add the result to the third number. Next, add the result to the fourth number. Continue this way until you reach the last number.

How do you estimate mixed numbers sums?

you have to add

What do you use to do sums starts with c?


Where can you get maths sums?

Well, in my free time I invented this thing called the calculator. I'll mail you one.

What is the meaning of the sum in maths?

the sum in maths is the anwer you get when you add everything together

What ADD stands for?

It means + in Maths

What was Miley Cyrus worst failure?

Maths was miley cyrus's is worst failure because she was never good at sums

What should you study if you wish to become a doctor?

Biology- to find out about the human body. Chemistry- medicine Maths- Sums

Rdsharma x class maths sums?

1/x+a+b =1/x+1/a+1/b ---- ---- ---- ----

Why does the maths book have so many problems?

because,the math work book has so much problem sums.

When did the phrase do the math become common?

Our country (Australia ) says 'Do the maths' . It's plural, otherwise the equivalent would be, do the sum' when in actual fact, one is calculating sums plural. Our school subject is also Maths-eg did you do your maths homework?

How do you say sum in french?

a sum is 'une somme' in French. If you mean sums in a maths lesson, it would be - les opérations.

Sums solution for BCA first year Maths for WBUT board?

a=1i,2j,4k & b=i,3j,5k

Can you cheat snaky sums on my maths?

yes you can but you need cheat engine this is so you can hack your score :)

What does the sum mean in maths?

it means to add or +

Is the area times or add in maths?


Which subjects you should choose in O levels to do engineering?

computer studies add maths maths